Hegel and the Kabbalists actually have a strikingly similar conception of the Godhead. I hesitate to say features of it because I am on the internet and the internet is a “democratic institution”.

Plus, I’m not an old man with a white beard, and only they know these realities.

60-70 is probably the ripe time with our pre-augmented minds.

The only thing that I want to state here is that one tradition is hidden and one is open to the public.

“I read Hegel through (((Kojeve))) and (((Deleuze))).” So… you’re reading Kabbalah?

“I don’t care, I trust the plan.” Without even understanding it?

The tradition that is open to the public is in fact controlled by the tradition that is hidden from the public.

Both of them have a similar general interpretation, and from there interpretations split, and one is hidden and one is present to the rabble.

“I have reason to believe Hegel was a freemason.” Show your evidence.

What we know for sure at least is that Hegel is only interpreted within a Hebraic world in our time.

So the real question I’d have to ask is, Are YOU a “freemason”? Is it a shabbos goy that interprets Hegel?

It’s impiety to say what the deity is. It will only be cheapened if it is not spoken of via negationis.

I’m only here to talk about hermeneutics. Suppose that Hegel had the more crystalline idea of the deity, and that his texts are interpreted in a fallen time when people with “different” ideas of the deity prevail, and even determine the interpretation of Hegel. Just pretend for a moment.

Honestly, when I bring these things up the Godhead laughs at me in a way. I am reverent in the genuine sense of that term.

“You better not even speak of me.”


Nah, next to no human on earth can even fight the Demiurge, let alone the Godhead.

I stand with the Godhead against the Demiurge.

YHWH doesn’t control my world. What are you, from the desert or something… wait, are you a REFUGEE?

I guess we Christians will tolerate your pitiful behavior.

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