It’s anuddah one

The Gaon wrote this standing on the shoulders of Luzzatto’s commentary on the Idras.

The Gaon was prolific to say the least – you can look at his bibliography here. He was the chief member of the mitnaggedim. I just caught word that he accused the Hasidim of being crypto-Frankists… so it might be worthwhile spending some time sorting through his bibliography.

The fact of the matter is that the Gra and the Ramchal ended up being marginal relative to the Besht. Thus it would be more prudent to focus on the commentaries on the Idra stemming from the latter’s followers, namely writers from the two opposed movements of Chabad and Bratslav.

I.e. what did Zalman and Nachman think of the heart of the Zohar? Now how about Schneerson and his contemporary, the mystic Kook?

The essence of the Lurianic Kabbalah, as expressed in the writings of Rabbi Chaim Vital, is based on the Scripture in the two “Idras”.

I think it’s funny that in this commentary on the Zohar, the disciples of Simeon’s mystical circle are referred to as “comrades” 30 times.

Hello fellow kids? No, it seems he’s winking at adults.

“That’s all I need to know about the Idra!” Yeah because I bet )))you((( are their favorite (((comrade))), comrade.

Heh look, another recent commentary uses the word too

Edomite Kings, i.e. Charles I, Louis XVI, Nicholas II, JFK, etc etc cough cough.

“None of this is real!!” Okay…

Anyway, while I know there’s “nothing wrong” with a feminist reading, that standalone text on the Idras I linked to before has a clear let us say focus, so one can only go so far with it. One of the partzuf that Simeon and his comrades seek to repair is anthropomorphically feminine so it makes sense someone would write such a study. Also, the Idras seem relevant for women to study for that reason. “HOW am I being repaired?” Maybe some wonder about that. I’ll give you the most obvious hint- You better not be judgmental… You better loudly proclaim your love for clownworld, otherwise you’re Eva Braun.

So it would be wise to find some well-rounded studies on the Idras.

Sounds realistic

Ugh these are in Hebrew

I’m willing to bet that not one course is taught on it at any American university.

Because, obviously,

Let’s go on a date sometime, haha yeah right, you don’t want to fall in “there”.

Might think of Zevi in the following context

their central focus the unfolding of the “head” of Atika Kadisha [the Holy Ancient One].

I pull that from this book which I’ve linked to before, and which is a “go-to” gift that keeps on giving for me if I want to ctrl+f something esoteric about Kabbalah.

Do you see yourself in this picture? If so I count you as my “comrade”

This is how they see YOU if you’re ~judgmental~

the proper kabbalist is a partner of the blessed Holy One, we may see the improper kabbalist as the partner, or the human equivalent, of an improper god – such as the Ze’er Anpin of the Idra Raba, engaged in the creation of demons

Do you remember Arich Anpin from yesterday? Ze’er Anpin is the anthropomorphic version of the left column sephiroth (which are really qliphoth at the end of the day).

I actually do agree with their “onto-theology” that the truest nature of the Godhead is mercy. What I don’t agree with is their forced attempt to immanentize Arich Anpin in a premature way.

“It’s the messianic age NOW! No one will be judged!” Eh I think that says something about them for being so hostilely insistent about that.

I’m a fair person okay, so, this has some truth to it

The Idra Raba passage explains that its demon-creating Ze’er Anpin is incomplete because he has not yet been unified with his proper consort, the Matronita “in her tikunin.”

The Matronita is “the queen of the Godhead”. How “she” relates to Shekina and Lilith is a subject for another time. We’re just getting the basics down for now. You hear they invited me on Fox to talk about the kelipot and tikkun? Tune in tonight.

No one cares at all about what the people who’ve monopolized the printing press, money press, most of the internet, and institutions in general believed for 700 years (some claim these are ancient, 3000+ year old teachings.)

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