Another youtube kabbalist

This guy is less Dionysian than that magician, which has its ups and downs depending on your tastes. Don’t be intimidated by all the jargon. If you force yourself to focus you’ll slowly begin to get how it all works. This is really advanced stuff here though- he trained with a rabbi in Jerusalem. Too bad more Jews weren’t more like him, otherwise I’d be less anndysommetik. Where did it all go wrong? Why did they trade this tradition for cultural marxism? I speculate it was their schism from the rabbinate.

I would feel so relieved if people in high places in the US were like this guy. Unfortunately I somehow doubt it. It could be a secretive practice, who knows. I just don’t see any signs that they merit the control that they have. If only they would publicly demonstrate their prowess relating to the understanding of the upper worlds. No, I think it is just money-grubber type of people at the top. “You don’t know me!” I see the results of what you bring about and it seems like a really obvious deduction to make.

Someone should do a study on the different types of Jews. Historically, did the more worldly ones support the more mystical ones? Maybe we would discover that they were often banker-kabbalists rolled into one? I understand that the goyim have natures similar to farm animals so it’s not like I hold their exploitation of them against them as much as a commie does. “You sure have a dirty mouth don’t you?” It’s a depressing fact! You think it makes me happy? These goys get what they deserve for being born niggers. Or excuse me, the more polite expression is “born kelipot”. That’s why I have no qualms with saying the n-word, because that’s how they see us! And they just don’t say it outright. Yes, lots of different species of kelipah out there, and all of them team up to hide that about themselves- what they call “intersectionality”.

I intuit that our liberals and leftists tell themselves that the “leaders of international communism” are spiritual adepts like the guy in that video. That just sounds like a perilously extreme level of wishful thinking. They’re too busy with business to care about any of that. They don’t care if you tell yourselves they’re spiritual adepts, because your belief-nexus is filling their piggybank to bursting. That’s why believing in lib/leftism is just another way of doing business for the believers too – both parties profit off of upholding the tenets of a cheap form of religion.

“My overlords are spiritual adepts, and I am a spiritual adept!” – I think they really do believe this. It’s just 21st century style hippie nihilism that the corporations have learned how to exploit.

Anyway this is an excessively explicit statement

Once you get a handle on their jargon you can begin to infer how it applies outside of their jargon.

That’s what I’ve been trying to show you here. We’re brainwashed to see them as an innocent, persecuted victim-people. And that’s exactly how you’d read someone like Wolfson when he talks about the qelippot. Only with attuned eyes for Realpolitik will you grasp what is going on in Kabbalah. It is an internationalist ideology. It always has other people besides the Jews in mind. And what to do about them, what to do to them.

While Kabbalah probably seems like an impossible code to crack to you, just as difficult in my opinion is getting through to the kabbalized goyim. That’s its own code that needs to be cracked. I don’t have much hope for that, I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing in 2022. You can think of it neurologically if you want- their synapses can ONLY fire along the same grooves. If you talk of their overlords you will be their scapegoat, the blame is projected onto you. So, Kabbalah is only one type of esotericism that needs to be mastered. The other is the rhetoric to use to speak to the belligerent prolebrain of the typical goy that is out of its element when confronted with the awarenesses of the upper triad of sephiroth. Good luck with that, I don’t see much use in it. I see it as two types of object- the shepherd jew object and the lemming goy object that is being “shepherded” off a cliff – neither one seems to have a programming that is able to be altered. All you can do is watch, preferably hovering above the folly.

In case you were wondering what the book in the video is, it can be purchased here. By the looks of it it’s near the top of my list for the future, though I already have a backup of a stack I need to get to as it is.

I feel moved to share one of my favorite moments again from Allan Bloom’s commentary on the Republic

The various kinds of soul can apparently reach their fulfillment on their own in a democratic city; they are not encouraged by it, nor are they hindered by it. Socrates describes democracy as a general store stocked with all kinds of regimes; he follows his own suggestion and goes to that store when he wants to select the various kinds of men. Athens is where one has to live in order to know the range of human possibilities.

The Greeks, Germans, and Kabbalists seem to be the main “schools” to study in order to create an aristocratic society-within-a-society within our “democracy”.

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