Thinking into the future. And pretending serious people follow me (that makes me laugh). You can’t think into the future if you can only breathe with a copium tank at hand.

There are two levels to it. The first is tampering with the present zeitgeist. The second is what to be implemented once that zeitgeist is done away with. If the present zeitgeist isn’t done away with in your personal self then you are not in a place to think about what should be implemented once it’s gone.

This might sound easy. It’s not at all. Most people can only survive with copium. And they only get worse, they only descend into needing more and more copium.

PRETENDING there is a minority that doesn’t require copium–what do they do, ideally?

Again, I think Deleuze is right about at least one thing- that art, science, and philosophy need to form a Unity. In fact, if they don’t do that then none of them are what they are. Put differently, philosophy isn’t even philosophy if it is not united with art and science. And likewise with art and science’s incompleteness.

While I’m more of a humanities [Wissenschaft] person myself, I highly respect the sciences when they’re not quackery and/or beholden to state ideology. With that said, here I am presupposing that historiography is a science, or at least strives toward scientificity. So you more natural science inclined people can take all this down a different road, that’s just not my particular temperament.

So, what does a minority that doesn’t need copium do?

Philosophy is in its truest sense a form of hermeticism. You need that to begin at all, otherwise the arts and sciences will proceed from false foundations. I know people get annoyed that I’m an elitist about this, and.. that’s just how it is, that IS how the Unity is.

I’ll give you an example- historiography is not historiography OF historiography. There’s tons and tons of non-philosophical historiography out there. I instantly think of Howard Zinn and his A People’s History of the United States. That’s non-philosophical because it’s pure boilersplate meant to serve mainstream progs who are frankly ignorant about most things and don’t have a daring cell in their body.

It might sound like a nerd’s enterprise and I don’t think it is. It’s incredibly important to “rectify the names” (in Confucius’s sense) of the disciplines. They should all be what they are and they shouldn’t pretend to be something else. Historiography ideally IS philosophical. What “goes” for historiography often is not, thus it is merely history. You should KNOW what the disciplines are. I’ve frequently gone on diatribes about how what “goes” for philosophy is almost always theology. Feeling the copium at all yet?

And art is an obvious example of this “false discipline” idea. Go ahead and say it, don’t care if anyone judges you- That’s not art. Say it. I say it about philosophy too. That’s not philosophy. That’s not historiography. That’s not art. Call things what they are.

So, what does a minority that doesn’t need copium DO?

First, the hermetic seal needs to be broken. That is philosophy’s task. After that, IDEALLY, historiography and art are imbued with a hermetic spirit.

God isn’t dead. History is God now. Thus, historiography is the highest philosophy.

Next we ask, what is philosophy lacking? It’s ugly, it needs to be made beautiful. That is art.

Remember we’re just discussing the first phase here. The question really turns around education. We’re wondering how people can be educated so that they do not need copium. Once it’s not only a minority that doesn’t need it, then we can begin to think about the future clearly.

Or just take over the military then you don’t have to worry about this Unity. Good luck with that. This is the option when that doesn’t seem very plausible.

Now for more practical concerns. Grab your copium tank, it’s time for that!

It appears that it takes about 1100 hours to learn the Hebrew language.

This is part of what I mean when I say I doubt serious people read me. Many people who would otherwise be perfect candidates for carrying out the things I speak of probably put 1100 hours into their Xbox like it’s nothing. Is that what you kids these days play, the “Xbox”? I lose track.

Serious historiography can only be done when we know what the Central Enemy has been talking about over the years. Most of the things the people who control your life have said over the centuries are not in English. It doesn’t even need to be a savant, just someone with fortitude who actually gives a damn about the world. I’m slowly learning myself, and I’m going to be scanning and uploading that Tishby/kliphot book pretty soon.

So to summarize, you need philosophy to isolate what “the gods” are of your particular time and place. Once that is determined, you need studious individuals to figure out how to destroy them. That is, if you don’t like them. I don’t like our gods, do you? I don’t mind thinking of them as demons, I don’t care to pretend demons aren’t real. Anyway, once those “studies” have been done, they need to be alchemized into something that is more magnetizing. Because philosophy and historiography are not all that magnetizing for the average person. However, the careful eye might be able to detect the Unity in the art.

Here is a universally recommended beginner’s book on kabbalah. It’s a quick read, and in it you can see their basic plan IF you are able to pick up on their subtle hints. I’m sure you’ll do nothing about it while they carry it out. The above at least is my idea of a blueprint for a Counter-Plan to their Plan.

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