When I was a teenager my intuition was that the science of sciences was psychology, and reflecting back, I think there was some truth to that. It was only after I realized that discipline wasn’t what it was supposed to be that I turned to philosophy.

If you understand people’s psychologies too well they will not like to hear it.

Here is a riddle for you- I know the true essence of the kelipot, and for the above reason I will not say it.

It’s not pretty, it’s not pretty at all, it is disturbing what it is.

There’s a reason those Kabbalists kept their beliefs a secret. Woe to you if you know what the secret of the kelipot is.

“-taps watch- So are you converting to Judaism yet?” The Greeks and Germans have their own version of the kelipot. I can just understand why the Jews would’ve formulated elaborate theories about these creatures.

Do you like when I say it in a way that’s direct? Too bad, you’re not ready for it, because your interpretation has probably already been “primed” by the kelipot.

I know the kelipot very well. I would not want to be friends with them, I would not want to breed with them, and thus I exist in this dungeon of darkness which you know the contours of.

You can’t talk about what they are because that makes them angry.

We have to go back to this discipline of psychology to understand though I think. This is one of the “truest sciences” that has been corrupted by the usual suspects (the kelipot).

They’re too overwhelmed with emotion to think clearly. If you talk about what they are they want you to die.

I’ll even admit there’s something aristocratic about the Jews’ concept of “kelipot”. That’s just a sad fact I’ve had to deal with for a while, that Euros have been so leveled through the centuries while the Jews remained aloof enough to preserve this awareness of the distance between souls. Think I’m in a difficult situation? Neither of us can have this discussion for the west to hear, that’s the real difficulty, and I wonder why you choose that. “Because you’re a kelipah.” Then prove it with words rather than silence and covert rituals of goat sacrifice. You seem like a primitive to me. That’s one of the Euro folks’ words for Kelipot. Why does it make you feel on edge when I talk about “primitive”? You ever feel guilty when I start talking about apes here?

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