Here is the fundamental text of/on the Besht if you want to check out the foundation of Hasidism.

We’re only up to innocent things here of course.

Always. You can believe it.

You have to understand how monkeys and their “movements” work. I know because I am one. Something obnoxious over the years has been Deleuzians talking about Nietzsche, when they’re really talking about Deleuze. It’s the same dynamic with the Zohar and Luria, and Luria and the Besht. When they talked about the Zohar they were really talking about Luria, and after the Besht, when they talked about the Zohar or Luria they were really talking about the Besht. This is an approximate version of “imamology”.

Sabbatean-Frankists, by their nature, will die off within a generation or two (just look at our cat-ladies). One way to see Hasidism is as an adjustment so that doesn’t happen. It preserved certain insights from their “moshiach” and created a less suicidal belief-system. It seems similar to what I talk about in regard to the premature onset of the “age of grace”.

Sabbatean-Frankism can be interpreted as “total revolution”. Hasidism was between that and the Mitnaggedim who were the ultra trads.

People always talk about the Protestant Reformation of the Europeans, never the close-equivalent phenomenon among the Jews.

After Sabbatai, the Torah did remain nullified in a sense, because the Hasidim emphasized personal prayer over study of scripture. Similarly, the “Pope” of the Jews, what I have frequently referred to as the Kagal, was decentralized with the new emphasis on the Tzadiqim.

In the case of the Bratslavers for instance, their Tzadiq to this day is Nachman. In the case of Chabad, Schneerson left no heir so they are in a similar place with the “dead Tzadiq” – before that there was a dynasty of rabbis.

This is about a charismatic individual within a community. Today we have CEOs who fill that role. And I think it’s so obvious it goes without saying that there’s been a synthesis between the Kagal and the Tzadiqim. The Tzadiqim have pretty much teamed up and formed a new Kagal.

Remember volks we’re talking about the history of religion here, definitely not contemporary political philosophy.

Do you want to be on the cutting-edge of the underworld? My humble suggestion is to study Hasidism. There’s next to nothing from goys about that in the scholarship.

Wait a second, goys don’t write about the Zohar or Luria either! So three steps behind. OR the Talmud, so that’s four steps.

I always hear them asking me the rhetorical question, “Why don’t you just accept that we’ve been played?” I HAVE accepted it, and I’ve moved on to uh… not continuing to accept it? You Jewish slave you. You nigger! “Why don’t you just accept it?” Why don’t I just accept being a nigger like you? I don’t think so.

“We ones who have accepted our place in life as Jews’ bitches want you dead as much as Jews do.” I know, that IS what a Jews’ bitch would want.

Gruesome decapitated head posting, that’s the right mindset.

The castrated shabbos goys will want your head for that!

That’s nice and all, you just have to understand when I talk about “the Jewish Question” I am implicitly already talking about their lobotomized goy minions like you. This is about you as much as it is about them. If they were talking about this in Israel I wouldn’t care. The problem is that they propagate their bitter, exile-derived decadence all over the WORLD.

“What do I do, what do I do then??” Stop being a… shabbos goy?

I have to remind the left and right alike that this is the esoteric way of talking about capitalism and crypto-currency, respectively. Want to talk about either of those things? Okay, then the Jews should be right out front. If they’re not then you’re a fraud. You’re just weak-willed niggers that only want a fraud-revolution too. Hello kelipah.

I’m just a normal person at the end of the day, all I want is friends, people who understand me. Neither jews or their trained pets I could ever be friends with. And not to brag, I just have an extremely advanced perspective on modern times, THUS in most cases you are probably just “settling” for the “friends” you have. It’s better to be me and hate all of them than to be you and have all these fraud-affiliated “friends”. How empty. Only a genuine white negro could tolerate that.

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