Hello culturologists and other detectives

I have lots of screenshots I want to show you. In retrospect, solving the political mystery was just too easy. I hope that a more difficult puzzle awaits me in the future. It would probably be hyperdimensional if I had to guess.

In the meantime

This is from that Joseph Weiss I mentioned before. Some say he was Scholem’s “closest” student. He ended up killing himself while wearing a tallit and tefillin. No one really remembers Weiss. He aimed to inaugurate the scholarly study of Nachman in the same way Scholem did Zevi.

15. Reshit Zemihata Shel Ha-Derekh Ha-Hasidit

Lots of Weiss’ essays can be read in English here.

Given that Zevi lived in the 1600s he seems like an ancient relic to even be talking about him. Well, Hasidism was the dominant ideology among Jews in the 1900s

Elior has a chapter on the similarities between the Besht and Frank here.

Ah man I wish I could’ve eavesdropped on this conference

Lots of this kind of material is in Hebrew – if you dig enough you might find readable versions

Again, I always have to remind you why this is particularly interesting. You constantly see this sort of thing casually brought up

My “favorite” is when the first thing an oblivious parrot says about Jews (often exclaiming! it) is “They’re such a talented people!” The first thing I’d probably say about them is that they don’t believe in ethics toward non-jews. It’s consistently canonized across the centuries. I know that you know that I’ve said this before. The thing is, people still act like this isn’t true even after they learn it. “That couldn’t possibly be true, they’re the moral paragons of society.” Nope, all of Hollywood for example has this at its foundation. “They’re leading us toward something good.” Entire libraries of scripture disagree with you sport.

Anyway, this name again, for “the translators of the future”

Just normal things to read. It’ll be fine, just trust the plan

Some resources for genealogists

99.9% of the west doesn’t even have a child’s basic understanding of this

Frank thought of Zevi as a woman who wore men’s clothing. And that isn’t even the strangest thing about “your” moshiach.

Another name to know

The book is known as Sefer Ha Tzoref. Scholem says the Besht treasured and studied it all his life. Tzoref was the most important Sabbatean figure in Lithuania.

It’s all just too obvious. Here’s some evidence anyway to support your intuition about our zeitgeist.

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