This Weiss is even more obscure than Tishby

his major written work was Mehkarim bahasidut braslav (Studies in Bratslav Hasidism) (Jerusalem, 1974).

As Idel’s student Garb noted, there’s a fixation in the scholarship on medievalism. What I sense is that 20th century scholars felt an uncomfortable closeness to the more recent religious movements, and they didn’t write about them for that reason.

If you’re a yid imagine writing about 1990s secular jewry. I bet there would be some similarities – I wonder if you could be objective? It’s better to relax and just avoid the subject, right?

Tell me how Sabbatai makes you feel

Do you ever feel a “phantom mustache”? Square-shaped, right below your nose?

Anyway, Weiss’ main student edited this relatively recent collection of essays on Hasidism.

How did you find yourself here? I unironically talk about cannibalism- your people eating mine, me wanting to have a stack of steaks from your body in my freezer. I don’t know why you’re here.

You probably would have to jump through quite the hoops to get in good with a rabbi to tell you some of these things. This is just your shortcut I guess?

If anyone claims to tell you what the world of Atzilut is they are probably only repeating empty concepts they don’t understand. Dogmatic memorization – something to watch out for. I don’t claim to know that myself – it’s a rare, inspired “mood” only few people have, and you’d have to be pigheadedly hubristic to claim to know it. People like Zevi and Luzzatto at least thought they knew what Atzilut was, and maybe they did. Like I’ve said, I get the overwhelming perception that there is something akin to objects about Jews. I think there’s something “folky” about them, they just follow the conclusions of their old mystics in a secular way without understanding them or even being aware that they do. And not to toot my own horn- the people who devote lots and lots of time toward understanding the old traditions of the world probably have a sharper awareness of things than most of our overlords. Let’s just say that I understand Atzilut well enough to laugh in the face of someone who claims to know what it’s like.

Let’s just talk in direct terms. There are two main types of retard in the world, and the rest are NPCs who are just the pawns of the other two. The first type of retard is the euro goy who is (historically) new to literacy. The second type of retard is the jew who has been literate for a while, and was literate in a very narrow way until recently. The latter is dogmatic for that reason, and the former is braindead for the other reason. I’d prefer to live on an island where I didn’t have to deal with either of these two things–and by “things” I do mean THINGS.

Why do I have this dismal view of humanity? I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve been trying to enshrine this notion of “kelipot” in order to find people similar to me. In English there’s a word that closely parallels that word, and it’s the worst of the worst words in the language. This is because there is something disturbingly true to that word. Alas, the ones at the cultural control-board want every island in the world to be “Nigger Island”.

So, one does have to wonder how we found ourselves here on this “pale blue dot”. I don’t want kelipot to determine the minds on every island. Only a stupid nigger would want that. Oh, and, lo and behold, who is the Wizard of Oz? Seems to follow logically, does it not?

In summary, “the real diaspora” does not have an island of its own.

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