It’s good when society is more and more like the ghetto and shtetl, it’ll be fine. It’s up to your own personal soul-searching whether you “feel accused” when I talk about “niggers”. That’s all the evidence you need. And it can be your secret whether you feel like I’m speaking directly to you. Tell me the rationale behind that- society being structured by people who feel accused when I say the word nigger. Good luck with that. And it’s only a permanent subhuman that would tolerate that and say nothing against it. “Just give me five years from now and I will!” No you won’t, you’re just part of the collection of niggers-in-denial, and you will die that way too.

Let’s extrapolate what the term in question really means. You are Nothingness. And you spread Nothingness to others. That’s what a nigger is. If that makes you angry, guess what you are. A brainless coon with dark skin or not. If you and your ilk were all murdered it would be funny. Nothingness is dissipating from the world, that’s all that would be. No one knows why that word is banned, right? It couldn’t possibly be because we’re living in a postwar Jewish order that was settled with guns and bombs and not rational argument, and that the Jews feel personally accused when you say the word nigger. Guess what you are.

Say it to me. I don’t feel accused. I sacrifice my life to fight your less-than-human horde. No kike is going to do that in any substantial way, let alone the loincloth-wearers.

Time to fess up, nigger.

“I don’t feel accused right now lahdee dahdee dada” – sure you don’t.

One planet in the known universe with intelligent life and this is the state of things. The ones who KNOW WHAT YOU ARE are kept out of public conversation. Thus, this isn’t a planet with intelligent life, technically speaking.

“No I’m not, I’m not one of those!” – Don’t be too defensive there.

You’re so unhuman-seeming I’d eat your brain right out of your skull like tartare.

You have to ask yourself, what does this niggerbrain really accomplish in the world? Not much besides spreading the idea that it’s good to be a total ape. Thus I want to feast on you as if you were a barnyard animal.

This is the litmus test of litmus tests. DO you see eye to eye with me about this problem? Or DO you feel implicated, accused?

If you are the latter and hate me and want to hide what I say then it’s a sure sign that your ideology is “Niggerworld is good”. How does that make you feel? If that thought ever crossed MY mind I’d feel ashamed of myself. Thankfully it never does, because I’m not a nigger. What’s up Jew. You have anything to say about this? Burning hatred that can’t be expressed in words perhaps? Oh, so you give me yet another sign that you’re a negro. Thank you very much for that. It only makes me happier and happier to more clearly realize that our planet is governed by apes who can never admit it.

Ah I have some pomegranate liqueur and marinating steaks, better than prison at least. If I had to guess, the next step for these total niggers known as jews is to throw people who question them into prison, so I’m grateful I’m living in this time-period for that reason at least.

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