It’s so new

As the founder of a new field of academic research, the study of the Kabbalah, Scholem spent most of his professional career as the only lecturer on the subject at the Hebrew University. In fact, until his death, he was the only professor of Kabbalah to be found anywhere in the world

Due to this fact he kept it a secret that he experimented with Abulafia’s methods involving the Divine Names. He didn’t want people to think he was a nutcase, because other professors already regarded him as an eccentric as it was.

Idel has a recent book on the Besht which I’ve detailed before

scholarship, which is still quite selective and impressionistic. This situation is evident also in the famous Buber-Scholem controversy over what Hasidism is.

Another day of talking to people who would be happy if I was tortured and died gruesomely. It’s the only way I want to be in the world too so what the fuck. God dealt me a weird hand, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Idel just destroys everyone, constantly, in all of his books – if I were a Kabbalah scholar I’d be afraid if I heard he was publishing a new book. He does not hesitate to say “you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong”. In the current case he’s saying that most scholars have neglected the magical aspect of Hasidism. Possibly something similar going on there with my above statement about Scholem. With the scientistic standards of the academy magic is perceived as quackery or not a serious subject to treat. Whether it is or not, the fact is that many kabbalists were magicians. And Idel demonstrates this. Though he underplays the “evil” side of it and its relation to the goyim.

Hmm does this remind you of any particular race?

That’s just overly reductionistic though, I’m sure there have been many legitimate magicians among them (and sorcerers).

In this connection, do you appreciate that I keep you informed about mysterious tomes that I hear rumors about?

One of the chief kabbalists of the 20th century, Kaplan, says this is the main work on magic.

And guess who is on the case already! It’s that magician I keep talking about, the one who deleted all his youtube videos

Do they just hand out initiation like candy in Israel? Because this magician clearly has some connections. By the way, the original version is 600 pages – many of his translations are incomplete.

Oooh I’m finding some spicy stuff in Idel’s older book on Hasidism

When is all this “redemption” going to happen, bud? All I see is sin and no redemption. Do I have to wait a few decades or something? Is that the plan? I don’t think there’s any redemption on the way.

Anyway, he only mentions the katabatic model in passing, saying he’s going to focus instead on the anabatic model. Of course you will.

Just ask that witch Asenath Mason I’ve written about before, that wicked hag will tell you all you need to know about “descent” into the qliphothic realms.

That face you make when you definitely don’t eat human infants

What’s important to keep in mind is that the founder of Hasidism can be characterized as a type of occultist.

the mystico-magical model is a precondition of the katabatic enterprise. However, despite the vital differences between them, we can see in the anabatic and the katabatic models a basic similarity: the assumption of the indispensability of the Zaddiq’s having a paranormal experience as a prelude to his various transformative activities. In other words, in order to be able to change the other, the Zaddiq has to change first himself, by entering another realm.

“You just don’t understand us reptiles you dumb goy!”

Idel says katabasis has been practiced since the 13th century.

Remember that the tzadiqim were perceived as God-incarnate by their communities. One of their roles was to descend to the qliphoth and “distribute the energy” to others upon their return.

I imagine many of these ugly realities do not shock my Jewish readers. They probably think “Yeah I could’ve expected that.” The way they present Judaism to the goyim and the way they represent Judaism to themselves in their own minds are two different worlds.

Idel and Bjerknes are two different worlds

This study is from 1995. In it he says a future study on katabasis needs to be written. It still has not been written. Strong traces of Sabbateanism continuing into the 20th century is my point here.

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