Still chipping away at their imam

Scholem, who moved to Palestine from Germany in the 1920s when Zionism was winning support among European Jewish intellectuals, interpreted Jewish mysticism to suit Zionist ideology.

You can expect people like Idel, Liebes, Elior, etc. to be in lockstep behind this agenda.

This is a good (and rare) realtalk poast on Kabbalah.

Here’s an example

Kabbalistic thought, despite its fascinating mysticism was, in the final analysis, sourced from the pathology of Babylonian Talmudism and adapted to the politicised racism of the Zionists.

I don’t know how to say it more directly- that’s what all their talk of kelipot/qellippoth/etc. is, racism. And that’s fine and dandy from my perspective, I just want my coethnics to be informed about their deceptive rhetoric. If you ever feel like you’re treated as a “demon of impurity” in your own country, that’s because that’s how they see you. And it isn’t even your country, it’s the country of people who see you that way.

Here’s the most sinister thing I’ve read today, and that’s saying something

It IS the Age of Lilith. I wonder how??? It’s a total mystery.

This is a really high quality poast, you should click that.

The US really is a wasteland of demons. They are everywhere. If you are reading this I hope I give you at least a moment of solidarity away from them.

They try to taint everyone so that they have a Pure Hegemony of demons. I’m not exaggerating when I say that over the last two years I’ve seen a steady increase of the demons. I don’t know if lockdown and the masks are part of that “plan”.

Hitch the average liberal or leftist to a lie-detector and you will find that they would be perfectly fine with Soviet-style gulags for people like me, and even people a lot more moderate than me. They don’t like people who know better than them telling them what to do. They can’t accept the fact that the world would be a better place if demons like them were subjugated so that they couldn’t spread their depravity to others. There are plenty of ways of dealing with these “things”, it can be done in a humane manner that would reduce their proliferation of vulgarity and vice.

The chances that one of these “things” is reading this right now are extremely high. You are a barnyard animal, you don’t have the focus to read the title on a cereal box, you are a golem that was created by devil-worshipers to do their bidding.

Ashkenazi Hassidic folklore has the golem appear in many of its stories as a servant or slave assigned to do various menial tasks and to protect Jewish communities from dangers.

This poast is so good! It’s incredible how long it takes me to find certain things on google. I’m positive they have tons of golem working at google too.

This is the kind of person I want to live on an island with. Just a society of us, far away from all these “things”…

What a gross creature

If all goes according to plan–which it seems like it will–there will be no people like me or this writer here in the future, maybe 100 years from now, to see what “they” are doing. And this prospect makes the golem ecstatic.

This is a creepy way to say it

Rosenberg’s golem is merely a “domestic android whose programming needs fine tuning.”

Evil is real alright. And the great many are permanent products of it.

It’s the demiurge YHWH’s simulation of malignant NPCs, if you want to phrase it more politely. It IS similar to a Lovecraftian god I would have to say, with its cult of adherents that began to be mainstreamed after 1945.

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