This is a nice swipe of the clawed paw

Some Orthodox Judaic people have a derogatory phrase they employ concerning those who abandon Judaism. They say that those who leave are “chozrim b’she’ela” which denotes, “returning to questioning.” In my view this is a left-handed compliment since it is the mission of the independent, ennobled human mind to always return to questioning.

This is from an interview with Hoffman, one of the few “sparks” in the world (and when I say “few” I mean FEW).

I’m learning now from Bjerknes that Hoffman is a Jew.

Why aren’t there many people like him, I really don’t know

A prime source of Jew hate is Talmudism itself, which oppressively tyrannizes and micromanages the lives of Judaics born through no fault of their own, into its psychic prison

Bjerknes doesn’t have nice things to say about Hoffman. Nonetheless these are two of the only “non-shills” I’m aware of. Maybe there are six I’d describe in that way.

Politics aside, it IS about “questioning”. Six people do that? Okay, can I leave earth soon or..?

Yeah I guess I agree with you, Rav Hoffman

To free Judaic persons from these two prisons is an act of compassion and charity.

Psychic prisons don’t exist, don’t worry about it. AND since they DON’T exist, it’s best to ENFORCE them, right? Makes perfect sense.

Golemworld, niggerworld, Jewworld, it’s all the same thing- Jews are their own golem.

Are you fond of when I toot my own horn? The mischling Bjerknes can’t be as perceptive as me about all of this, “for obvious reasons”.

My psychological portrait of him is that 3/4 of him feels “hurt” that 1/4 of him would judge him to be a kelipah. We’re getting into some levels of “couch time” here that shouldn’t even be possible. He hates the Jews (i.e. himself) because they’re racist. Whereas I personally would feel embarrassed for hating someone for that reason. While I know that the never-ending propaganda is strong, outside of your little status quo bubble, what we call “racism” is really just anti-relativism. No, I’m not a relativist, only dim-bulb niggers with something to hide are relativists. Please don’t get me wrong though- Bjerknes is one of the most virtuous people alive today, I’m just quibbling with him.

Oh no, “questioning” is occurring, you better sound the alarm! You need to keep people in YOUR psychic prison with you!

I really ought to do a standalone “Ode to Nietzsche” one of these days- it’s his spirit, he’s the true imam that allows one to understand these things. And by that I mean that he is the imam of not only Europe, he’s the imam of Islam, Judaism, and Confucianism too. He’s the one who grants the awareness that is above all of these. Let’s just say I’m not going to mention this detail if I ever make it to Iran, because they’ll chop my head off for it. The irony of Nietzsche is that he initiates you into Platonism. I doubt this was deliberate on his part. We needed someone decadent to do it, because they’re the only one who can speak to our time. The tragedy of the last century or so is that he was neglected in favor of Marx even though he represents the true “technology of emancipation”. Something that tells you everything you need to know is that Evola is completely absent in the bibliographies of secondary scholarship on Nietzsche. The rabble loves Marx and the rabble interprets Nietzsche in the way they want to. The only other aristocratic reader of Nietzsche was Heidegger who was too humble to formalize aristocracy in the way Nietzsche and Evola did. Heidegger didn’t talk about it explicitly, he WAS it- there’s a difference there. And now, in the year 2022, I myself find that I’ve outgrown these old men in various ways. If you’ve been following me closely for a while now you might have concluded like I have that there is no guide for where we are. This is why it’s impossible to escape Nietzsche, because this is exactly what he wanted- philosophers of the future who regard him as a fool rather than a saint.

A tendency that is as amusing as it is depressing to witness is when kids apply that same logic to Nietzsche before they’ve matured. This is how we get all these egalitarians who love Nietzsche. “Do the opposite of him, yay!” You really think it’s that easy? It took Strauss ten years before he was independent from Imam Nietzsche. These kids read Zarathustra and two months later they’re “doing the opposite”. I’ve seen this kind of thing with my readers over the years too. The alchemical process is very delicate, you’re only supposed to be speaking to certain people, and I don’t think Nietzsche anticipated so many rabble reading him either.

The journey of “questioning” – just trying to tell you one person’s process of that.

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