Everyone wants to tell themselves they’re above exotericism, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. I hope you’ve learned your lesson now- you need your illusions in order to live.

I’m a disillusioned advocate of the Enlightenment “movement”. I wanted to believe (and I still do) that esotericism could be spread to the masses. No, it won’t be. They’re all niggers, they can’t deal with it.

If only you knew how easy it is to detect the “signs of the kelipah”. In some cases you can tell within three words whether the “person” speaking is one of those things that cannot endure enlightenment.

Can ANY Jew? I’ve never seen one speak as directly as me. To be open-minded about them, I don’t rule out that they have an instinctive understanding of the kelipot and thus would NOT speak directly about them. Because once you know what the kelipot are, talking about them probably won’t be any good for you.

The more cynical perspective is to wonder whether Jews are kelipot themselves. From off the reservation this seems like a live-debate. The question is, do they refrain from speaking of the kelipot because they feel distant from them and know the consequences of speaking of them, or do they refrain from speaking of them because they identify with them. This is a live-debate.

I’ve said before that the Jews are the 21st century equivalent of an aristocracy (or monarchy) so this is a pressing issue to contemplate.

My intuition is that they are kelipot.

Liebes reveals quite a bit in the couple books of his that were translated into English

The profound impact of Sabbatean-Frankism on Hasidism is not known to the goys.

“We’re not Hasidim!!” So why do you have so many similar features?

Once again, just look a Jew in the face and that will tell you everything you need to know (unless they’ve had plastic surgery–which is more common than you might think).

I wonder if a rat-faced kike would be jealous of a European woman for “some reason”?

How does a kelipah interpret this quote? I wouldn’t know. You tell me if you think you’re a shiksa whore and proud of it.

No, Liebes, it is not well known

“We hide it!!!!” I know…

Yknow, I understand what a kelipah is. It seems like you’d want to understand what that is?

I hope you yids can acknowledge to yourselves that I am an advanced Straussian thinker. And from what I can tell, there is nowhere else on the world wide web that is as aware and explicit as this place.

The problem is that if you speak of the kelipahs’ essential nature you only invite hysteria, thus it’s counter-productive.

Believe it or not, I’ve detected this hysteria in all my heroes, which has been something of a sad time for me.

For that reason I have strong doubts whether non-kelipot are reading this at all.

As with most philosophical problems, the problem of evil is nearly never spoken of in a practical, here-and-now way.

If even your heroes qualify as kelipot, you tell me if that suffices to demonstrate “the existence of evil”.

Planet earth isn’t looking good.

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