Still meditating on the anomaly known as Bjerknes, one of my only spiritual kin. As erudite as he is he’s blind to certain things because he never was entangled in popular politics (we’ll call them) – they did a real stand-up job of burying him. It’s a different awareness you’re granted altogether when you have the same mentality that he does and you also know how the rabble reacts to that mentality. Lucky for him he was spared the fate of fully grasping the extent of the slavery in existence.

He was writing online as early as the Bush years, so he could have been an “unnamed scapegoat” during that time for all I know. And the symbols they use allow for plausible deniability, so if you were to go back to that time and try to decipher them you’d probably look like a schizo or something. He IS the one who exposes the Lie, if I were to choose one in the English-speaking world. In the Zohar this is the goat they sacrifice to Azazel. I don’t know if there was an underworld during that time or if he was just writing to a few people.

The grim truth of the matter is that “permanent white nigger” is the norm. They have neither the dedication to study or the thumos that would allow them to talk about it. It is really just an empty shell in the case of most whites. They don’t have any intellect, they don’t have any warrior-spirit, they don’t have any moral faculty. Make ZOGbux, buy wet hole, perpetuate empty shell – that’s the basic agenda. They all try to hide this. Tell me why anyone who is aware of this and doesn’t make rationalizations about it would want to live in this world with them? There is no reason. I’m just here because who the fuck knows why.

Kelipotworld. And the scarier understanding of it is that the kabbalahbloods are a type of Kelipah themselves. Otherwise it would be cool to embrace Judaism. Only someone fallen far into the muck would choose either of those options.

Let’s just summarize one of the fundamental ideas that is usually only spoken of implicitly here- we have a nihilistic ruling-caste. Their immoralism can be genealogically traced through the centuries–even through the MILLENNIA if you want to go all the way back to those “desert cut-throats”.

I can never understand you kelipot, you know I always request that you explain your motivations to me. If someone were to talk to ME about the nihilistic origins and present reality of our ruling-caste I would be grateful. In the case of the kelipot they are teeth-gnashing, blood-thirsty. Would you call that a “symptom” of “something”? It’s pretty clear what they are…

They like a ruling-caste like that because it reflects their own nature. Lowly, full of vice, and not many instincts that are admirable to speak of.

The same rightists who despise democracy never apply that same thinking to the JQ. They are “voted” to be the “chosen” ones by the rabble. Jews are high IQ niggers. The rabble consists of low IQ niggers. They prefer smart representatives.

The case is solved. “It’s happening!” Confetti, cue the jazz hands. No, the sickening rabble and their hunchback-shepherds do not celebrate that case being solved. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

I bet you are. And your mouth is a toilet. And anything that emerges from it reflects that fact. What do you think the meaning of rabble and kelipot is? You are waste. You feed on waste. And you expend waste. That is your entire existence from infancy to death.

Again, am I talking to anyone who isn’t one of these things… It’s not clear that I am. Provide proof that you are human. Sounds easy, and yet I never see it.

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