I heard a country song the other day and I was surprised because I realized “this is white”. Please note, I’m not going to be voluntarily seeking that out to listen to. I just never saw anything redeemable about it until recently. It is not Sabbatean, and that is refreshing. I see it as “whites in their larval form”. (Whereas classical is obviously whites in their evolved form.) I don’t remember what song it was, what I can recall though is it was about God, family, love, work, drinking, kind of just an ode to appreciation for life. Like I’ve said before, one of my favorite professors ever was African-American, and he liked rap (which took me aback because he was otherwise very refined) so I think there’s something similar there, i.e. he listened to that and even if he thought it was vulgar he nonetheless thought “this is black”.

That’s always my question here- “What is the point of life?” and it seems like the foundation is expressed in country. I know I’m stigmatizing myself for saying that and I really don’t care. It is not Sabbatean. A healthy political order cannot be founded on Sabbateanism, i.e. the inversion of values. You will never have classical music without that first foundation. Rap music is never going to lead to classical music, it will only lead to huts.

If you look at our contemporary Sabbateans (who NEVER will admit what they are) the country music simpleton IS what they think of as “white”. They are right about that in a sense too. The point is, that’s their target- the foundation, which is God and family. This is another part of the “series” of “Have you forgotten how to judge?” because unless you’re blind you’ll notice the mainstream (which is “Judaic”) is hysterical about whites having families and having religion. The idea of white, religious families really upsets them. If you haven’t noticed that then you are just blind (or probably one of them).

What kind of future do you expect with that mentality? I invite you to think of “religion” through a Platonist lens. You believe in higher ideals. It’s not a bearded man in the sky, it’s objective good and evil. And I also invite Jews to consider this about their own people. The Orthodox ones don’t bother me very much, it’s always the Sabbatean types that are the worst. Even the anti-goyim basis of Orthodox Judaism isn’t something I hold against them because that’s merely preserving the friend/enemy distinction, which any sane people does. Please, go to Israel, escape Exile at last, and hate the goyim, I don’t care if you do that. It’s when it’s institutionalized hatred of us when it’s a problem. You don’t want us to have higher ideals, you don’t want us to have families… It’s too obvious in a sense to point out why a rational person would have a “gripe” about the Jews for that.

Yeah country is simple- classical expresses this same kind of “foundation” to me though in a more subtle way.

Atomized hedonists (A.K.A. “golems”) are never going to create great art. They have no high ideals, they have no family which gives them meaning. The men have video games, the women have vibrators. And then people like me have books, which is pretty close to as empty as the others.

You cannot build a society on Sabbateanism. Only when the foundation is established can you be Sabbatean. And in our culture the foundation is either non-existent or close to non-existent and rapidly fading. I’ve said before that I understand the good things about Sabbateanism. Nietzscheanism is arguably an extreme form of Sabbateanism in the European tradition. What I’ve learned in my struggle with neech is that without Plato and religion in the background, he might as well be a void-worshiper. He only corrects the foundation. Our culture doesn’t even have a foundation anymore. The foundation IS anti-foundationalism. That’s not going to last many generations.

Give me art that promotes higher ideals (cough cough, “God”) and family. Please make it better than country.. Everyone would be happier with that.

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