Alright culture-nukers, this is the first book I’ve gone through the trouble of going to the library and scanning page by page in order to upload to the internet (and that has to tell you something).

Remember this one?

Here it is, you can do with it what you will

The book is dedicated to his parents who he says were imprisoned in the kingdom of Satan. Once again, you can use this site to read the book.

Hey Jews, you scared?

“Only SATAN would do this!!”

It doesn’t get good until about halfway through. The first half is necessary though. It’s a real slim volume, try not to be too much of a lazy goy yeah?

I don’t know how out of the loop you are. They read right to left. Interestingly, this is also how their sephiroth work. No, I doubt that’s a coincidence. It probably says something about their brain structure in general. Ha how many scientists “dropped the pass” over the years when I threw the ball right into their hands? Sad, sorry state of things. “He’s talking directly to ME right now, that’s why I hate him!” Probably.

“I’m not reading all that!” Go play your video games or suck more jewish toes then. Worthless nigger.

This whole text, that’s what it’s about- “goys are worthless niggers”. Prove em wrong.

By the way, I remind you to consult the table of abbreviations. Also, a weird Irony is that Luria is often referred to as “the Ari” and variations of that are insta-translated into “the Aryans”.

The doctrine of evil and the shell in the acceptance of the Aryans

“Acceptance” is one of the insta-translations of “Kabbalah”.

You really think I’m going to go through the tedium of showing you this entire book?? Ah, sigh, I guess.

Duuude this is so much more a clearer rendering than the pics I image-to-text’d through my phone! This has incredible implications in regard to all the books the yids will NEVER translate into English. Even the ones I screwed up the scan on (being an amateur at that) have nearly crystal-clear grammar.

I remind you of Liebes’ PDFs here. Ha-Ari insta-translates to “Harry” – Ha-Ari is just a way of saying “Holy Luria”.

“R. Samson from Australia” is Samson from Ostropoli, the flawed insta-translations can be sidestepped with enough intuitive grasp. Samson is the leading demonologist who Khmelnytsky slaughtered like a pig. Liebes has lots of articles on what the goy-world would consider to be “controversial”.

All it would take is… for you to not be a void-worshiper. I know that’s too much to ask in these times. Real easy to see these hidden Israeli awarenesses otherwise.

I also have Tishby’s 578 page Luzzatto book in my possession at the moment which I could scan. Really? The only thing I “get” from any of this is “scapegoating”. Ugh… if you’re lucky I might scan that too. Recall that what I have is the third volume of a trilogy, the only one in English. Knowing the kikes’ secretive ways it would probably be more useful to scan the two Hebrew volumes that preceded it. By the way, thanks Leo for helping me think this way.

The following is “programmatic” for me, and I think Strauss was the same (hence his betrayal of Jerusalem for Athens)

Continuing with Tishby though (until I get too annoyed with the tedium that is better fit for a secretary which I unequivocally deserve at this point)

“Let ME be your secretary!” Nah there are about 50 holidays I’ve endured alone now that tell me you’re not a serious person and very likely a Representative of the Decline.

Translate this into better English than google and maybe you will redeem yourself somewhat

“I’m on the side of niggers, jews, women, and eunuchs, I don’t care to translate this.” I know… It’s always just me walking by your zoo cage and kind of grimly smirking at you.

“Please just give me the text and stop making snide remarks about me.” Do you want to know the “intolerable reality”? You deserve the abuse. Let me know next time you find someone else who cares enough to whip you into shape.

I’ve been sick of dealing with you rodeo clowns for YEARS, my existence is PURE CHARITY for your sake

Maybe later I will give you the other half of this Primary Lurianic text

Knowing the nature of the qellipahs, one doesn’t even care to show them this much

At least you can trust me to not be “sheisty”. If a jew were showing you this book they’d probably remove a few pages without telling you they did that. “Jews aren’t like that, how dare you!” …. You must be new.

Enough for now- speaking to people who only want me dead doesn’t give me that much concern for their salvation and well-being

Okay, maybe a couple more for the rare people who exemplify Heidegger’s “Sorge

“Would I be on an FBI watch-list for purchasing this book?” No, goys are generally too retarded to look in these places, I doubt they watch the “Kabbalah market”. Which reminds me- another interesting book I saw

I’m not going to get in to the Gaon vs. the Hasidism here. Suffice it to say, the Gaon’s books should be mined because he seems like an aristocrat versus a popular movement. In rabbinical lore there is a doctrine of the decline of generations that he was keen to. Liebes has essays on the Gaon if you want to check them out.

Let’s just stick with the beginning of Tishby (i.e. contemporary Kabbalah scholarship’s esoteric understanding of humanity) for now

I need a secretary for all this

Only advanced mystics will be following me with this. You can be happy about that, or be sad that you live in a world of qellipaht that doesn’t understand. I am here to show you someone DOES understand and you’re not alone.

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