So, that English study on the Idras was actually written by a student of Liebes, and she has another book in English which he says in this review was inspired by that highly illuminating essay of his on the Zohar which I’ve written about. Thus there’s more “Liebes” in English than I knew about, via his student.

The fools don’t think this is a reality

Erich Anpin (= Erech Epiim), or by his other nickname Atika Kadisha (the Holy Elder), is the supreme deity, the universal examination of the God of Israel… we will correct his face as the figure of a peaceful and merciful old man.

Eric? I thought his name was Yahweh. “Eric” is in charge, huh?

“That sounds pretty nice to me, peaceful and merciful.” A godhead that is pure mercy results in evil being revaluated as good. And I’ve showed you before that this was a practice among both the Sabbateans and Hasidim.

Don’t you want to know who your God is?

Eric is not static, he’s like silly putty to them- they actively “fix his face”.

other faces are also fixed in Idra, the friends’ faces, flesh and blood.

The “friends” are Simeon and his circle.

Does your face feel fixed?

This is both funny and disturbing to me. Look at the nonjudgmental hippie that had their face fixed to smile upon decadence.

Elections have concrete effects- I’ve noticed a sharp increase of fixed faces since Biden was accepted as president.

You look like an evil clown (or the Joker) if you dispute the validity of mercy, so it’s pretty tough to make disagreements. I think something telling is that the Shi’ists are constantly referring to their God as “the merciful”–that’s one of the central “Divine Names” they use to describe Allah’s nature. And look how different their civilization is! There are different ways to interpret mercy, I’m not an evil clown to disagree with the west’s interpretation.

You might recall how I said that English study on the Idras is heavily feminist

It is clear that the author prefers the spiritual world of Erich Anpin’s face, and in one place (p. 108) even expresses a hint of resentment that his presence is insufficient ‘in the normative and familiar spaces of the Jewish religion’.

The only way to fix the faces of the other partzufim is to fix Eric’s face first. They refer to it as “sweetening the judgment”. They fix Eric’s face and then Eric fixes the faces of the other partzufim. (As an aside, it seems to me that it’s “fixing” in a way that a dog is fixed. Have YOU had your appointment at the vet’s?)

Anyway, Eric Anpin is primarily contrasted with Zeir Anpin who represents ordinary material reality and the mainstream zeitgeist

the influence of Erich Anpin, the universal deity, is only through his looking and enlightening at the tiny, national and halakhic deity, who sweetens in this enlightenment and receives something of the character of the upper face.

Yes, you guessed it- Eric is the name of the “egregore”.

Kabbalah is pure gnosticism, if you didn’t notice yet. Zeir Anpin is like the demiurge and Eric Anpin is the true creator God.

To bring this back to normal political discourse world, consider the idea of “leftist purity spiraling”. Leftists are accusing each other of not having the face of Eric Anpin. And they fix each other’s faces to be more and more like his, which is Absolutely Merciful with no judgment at all.

Yeah the Shi’ists believe in Absolute Mercy too, and it’s not “Vegas” over in Iran. “They need their faces fixed!”

Anyway, what we’re dealing with here

the Zohar itself, which sought to correct the ideological and conceptual religion and replace it with a personal myth, which transcends all abstraction.

Like I’ve said, they gradually numb you to the nihilism. Your face is fixed without you even realizing it. You just have to bitterly accept it, even “smile” about it. Mostly though I think the fixing of the faces involves a numbing. Even if it’s not a smile, the “look of concern” disappears. Winces are definitely not allowed. Those are “reactionary”. Truly being like Eric is loudly celebrating the moral and aesthetic decay, and cheering on the eclipse of the importance of truth. Our political world didn’t fall out of the sky, check out the Idras and the scholarship on them.

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