Some not-so-subtle symptoms in Liebes’ review of The Mixed Multitude

“multi-evening” = ערב-רב = mixed multitude, which is a term from the book of exodus. Relative to most other languages Hebrew insta-translations are botched. When they talk about “storks” for instance they’re talking about Hasidism. Lots and lots of this kind of stuff that can be confusing.

I digress- Liebes says mixed multitude is a derogatory expression people use for Sabbateans. Tell me the sense you get from the above quotation – I think he sympathizes with Frankism. Liebes is regarded as Scholem’s heir, mind you. I think lots of yids in the US sympathize with Frankism in fact (whether they admit it or not).

There are lots of ways “the mixed multitude” has been interpreted – let’s go with a (relatively) recent one

“Why don’t you ever talk about like Armenian people or something?” Armenian people haven’t monopolized the western mind.

A synonym of multitude by the way is rabble, mixed rabble.

Contemporary Chabadniks perceive it as a flaw of Moses to have allowed the mixed multitude to be part of Israel.

Simeon, the hero of the Zohar, is regarded as an “enhanced Moses”.

The vibe I get from Kabbalah scholars is that they see Zevi as an enhanced Moses as well. Or as Shamir put it, he’s the keter of Lurianic Kabbalah. In terms of the parzufim, Sabbatai is Eric.

The mixed multitude originally referred to Egyptians who converted to Judaism and eventually bred with Jews. “Bread with juice? I’m glad we’re finally having a normal conversation here.” I don’t know what to tell you, I know what “keter” is, and I’m talking about it.

So for my memory-impaired readers, the insult they use about Sabbateans implies that they are actually part-goyim. And if you get the sense I do from Liebes, he’s saying the people who level that insult are idiots, i.e. Sabbateans are the “true Jews”.

“I just want bread and juice, I don’t want what you’re talking about.” Okay so you want to forever dwell in malkhut, I know.

Liebes again

Man, I miss that Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon. Even though he’s my eternal enemy he’s like the pure, unfiltered expression of all this. Also, admittedly, his enthusiasm for studying Kabbalah was infectious. Real chutzpah with that one, oh well. I think part of what makes Jews so influential is their mastery of “italics” in speech. They put lots of emotion into certain words they say. And rhetoric does have its place in dealing with the rabble, though I disavow it myself.

I still can’t get over the fact that people hate me so much for talking about religion. From my perspective I’ve just been contrasting different forms of “the sacred”, and it turns out that really upsets lots of people. I guess in a sense that’s a good sign, because in a Pure Nihilistic age they wouldn’t even care. Suffice it to say that the Void does totally have a religious resonance. Hello person who has made it through these “trials” of mine. Nice, maybe I see you as an equal then.

AHAHAH now the next step is to talk about the things I do. Impossible.

That’s likely because it’s some breed of Frankist reading me.

Something to keep in mind about these kelipot is that they don’t even admit their inversion of values to themselves. They are the righteous ones for enshrining trash.

Spend thirteen years on neechmeister and get back to me on these questions.

“I watch shows from zog-organizations, I know better than you.” Golem.

“I’ve studied post-struc/pomo writers for decades.” Golem.

“I agree with the shills on social media.” Golem.

There are some interesting twists in this Liebes review you can read here.

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