Do you know how schizo and deluded I’d sound if I talked about my online life IRL? That’s why I don’t do it. Just letting the zoomers know what to expect if they plan to play this game someday. Feds will be gangstalking you and collecting your personal information and sharing it with propaganda outlets who will be scapegoating you without ever naming you. You ever expect that one when reading Zarathustra?

At least my naive ex emailed me. The first I’ve known in real-life to talk about my online self, i.e. “the real me”. I think she got fat after we broke up – many such cases (that’s really mean isn’t it?) The only person to talk to me and I’m still a dirtbag, no wonder I’m a chronic masturbator.

A synchronicity to know about it (since I believe in Signs and all these things)- neither of us knew she was a mischling the brief time we were together, somewhere around 2015. She thought her dad was Italian until she got a DNA test. A strange thing that happened though was we were tripping and it was actually ME defending the Jews to HER. Both of us were neo-Nazis at that point, she’s less so now that she discovered her heritage. Isn’t that weird?

I can respect their merits without wanting to join their crime family (either through blood or being a shabbos goy) – it’s a fine line. This fine line does seem to be “the path of the righteous” in my opinion though.

Let’s put it this way- one of the main reasons I’m not a Marxist is because I know how proles are. I know how they think about bosses, they hate their bosses. This is just pure ressentiment and envy in most cases. I know I’m not going to be making any friends by saying this, and what else is new. If this is the type of anti-semite that you are, I’m not your pal. I believe in bosses. I also believe in plutocracy. Just not the kind that we have! There’s a very crucial distinction here you should try to meditate on.

“Why do you believe in plutocracy as a principle?” The most skilled people should get the most money. If you give money equally to idiotic, bitter proles they’re going to be crappy bosses, then the whole business is going to suck. Can’t you tell by the way I speak I’ve spent time with proles? Both street smarts and book smarts are necessary.

I have a sense that many of my readers are this type of vulgar anti-semite that I speak of.

You’re fighting a losing battle when talking about this because the Great Chain of Being is rapidly fading into oblivion at present. CAPITALISM follows from the Great Chain of Being. The distinction is between pure and dirty capitalism.

When liberals hate on capitalism this is just one of the forms the rabble-revolt takes. I am not your friend if that’s why you hate Jews! If you hate people who are better than you then you are a leftist.

I take it as an axiom that the best people in society should lead the rest. Otherwise you have morons with corrupt souls calling the shots. And this is the true essence of the JQ, in case all the stupid memes confused you.

You probably have your own opinion- as for me I’ve been attempting to demonstrate that the typical Jew is indeed a moron with a corrupt soul.

Who else in their history has someone like Zevi?? What else do you need to know!

Nonetheless, I haven’t stopped there to say the least- how many countries have we gone over now before the time of Zevi?

What we’re speaking of here is “dirty capitalism”.

I know I’m a leper here for saying capitalism has good things about it. I mean, I’ve been poor all my life and I still think this. I try to be objective. If you’re objective you’re not going to fit in to the dirty capitalist order.

Do you know how many Jews I’ve seen try to hide ZOG? That’s not what a human does. There’s something about their genetics that abhors “freedom”.

All these bitcoin cunts will probably only replicate this totalitarianism. They’re “freer” than others at least, I’ll give them that.

My point here is that I’ll never know the “real opinion” of my readers, and something to watch out for in this “zone” is being a crypto-leftist who hates the Great Chain of Being. I’m not being polemical when I say this might as well be Satanism. The only way God is known in the human world is THROUGH humans. If you resent and envy people who are better than you then you are really just hating God. That is the sign of the times.

I have no question of conscience at all when I see a Jew speak and think “What a kike”. This is dirty capitalism. There are other forms of meritocracy that are possible.

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