I’m back to Wolfson’s main writing on Sabbateanism which he refers to as hypernomianism, in this book, pages 186-285. It’s exceedingly rare to find an intelligent, self-aware Sabbatean. Most people are DOING it rather than TALKING about it.

This is how he titles the chapter- it’s an obvious allusion to Nietzsche

Wolfson is a Derrida clone, and those are a dime a dozen in the academy. Derrida is one of the central figures responsible for popularizing the harnessing of Nietzsche’s hypernomianism in leftward directions. And since this is a place of realtalk, it might be more accurate to say that Derrida Judaizes or Sabbatizes Nietzsche.

The way Wolfson initially frames it brings us back to that timeless Parmenidean debate

In this chapter I explore the topic of ethics and mysticism in the history of kabbalah from the vantage-point of the relationship between antinomies that seem basic to moral discernment on the one hand, and the transcendental oneness of mystical experience in which opposites seem to coincide on the other.

Yes, they do cohencide, don’t they.

I think it was the illustrious occultist of the 19th century, Eliphas Levi, who noted that in the medieval age magic was predominantly practiced by Jews – and black magic too, since opposites cohencide. And the Besht (d. 1760) himself was a magician. There is not a clear line between magic and mysticism – Harry Potter distorts people’s perception of the history of magic. The problem with restricting these concepts to “mysticism” is that there is no “black magic” equivalent in mysticism. People think you’re a schizo if you talk about that so I’m just going to shut up for now.

This has frayed, this has immanentized

No matter how emphatically the kabbalist insisted on the monistic ideal of the containment of the demonic in the divine, based ultimately on the insight concerning the absolute oneness of all things in the unity of the Infinite, the religious task was to keep these two domains distinct in the social realm.

Do you know how I know that? Because demonic and divine are probably meaningless terms to you, and perhaps even laughable. That’s because they are one now. Don’t you just want to laugh at me when I talk about things being “evil”? Yes, the relativist’s reaction is to laugh.

The heart of things is in the surface of things

The relativistic mindset of the typical yid is rooted in the above back-and-forth “polytheism”. You also see a similar form of brain cancer caused by Hegel.

“That’s how to interpret Hegelians and also NOT how to interpret Hegelians.” Do you like my jokes, Bueller?

Correct me if I’m wrong, to my knowledge the following notion is not present in any other mysticism in the world

The image of shaking the worlds above indicates the theurgical capacity of the individual to influence the divine

Only in Kabbalah have I ever seen this. And it is a common theme.

They created a god and they created that god to be relativistic. Can you say “the demiurge walks among us”?

Imagine a CNN talking head saying what Wolfson says here

Would the monistic potentiality of mystical experience not defy the dualistic framework necessitated by any ethical system? Would the convergence of mysticism and morality not entail an inversion of values that lifts one beyond the dichotomy of good and evil, permissible and forbidden, a non-dual state wherein deception and truth would be indistinguishable?

In the same breath Wolfson quotes someone who explicitly says that the distinction between white Kabbalah and black magic is arbitrary. Can’t make this stuff up. If you want to know more about that outside the HP universe recall this post.

Can we go back to the time when we burned people like this at the stake?

All is equal in the omnipresence of God. All is divine. All is permitted.

“Are you trying to say that mainstream people are mystics??” Yeah in a sense- like I said, the everyperson has a vague sense of the void which they worship.

Going back to Hegel for a second, Wolfson is simply mainstream consciousness’s awareness of itself. And he is indeed a “crackpot”.

That mischling girl (who apparently lost weight) told me that the Sabbatean lineage of secular Jews is obvious, it’s just that no one’s pointed it out before. Thank you, no one ever confirms everything I’m right about here. An incestuous pedophile is your messiah, that’s why you are fucked in the head. Now THAT is humiliating, no wonder they keep it a secret. How utterly shameful.

What could be the implications of this…

You apologists for the Sabbateans are equally guilty. What’s wrong with you? What total niggers who deserve bullets in the head.

Where’s a Jew when you need one to practice your baseball skills? Ever had the back of your head touch your spine? 4/5 chiropractors recommend.

THIS is the type of person who has enslaved you and forbidden you to question them – aren’t you lucky.

Published by Oxford, folks

Translated into kabbalistic terms, the visionary discerns, by and through attachment to the aspect of the divine wherein limitlessness is delimited, that good is evil and evil good.

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