That book used in that Apollonian Kabbalist’s video from the other day arrived speedily. This is the densest version of Luria I’m aware of, PDFs are either sparsely littered with quotations or non-existent. This is 1350 pages. I opened it randomly to like page 1000 and I already see “political” material right there heh heh heh. You just need to know how to decipher it and it’s everywhere. What is up with them and “sweetening judgments” anyway? I feel like I’m wearing one of those classic anthropologist hats, you know the one.

It begins at the beginning – and it’s pretty intense because from the outset it’s a critique of the Torah

You deserve blurry pictures, piss off.

While it might sound like hocus-pocus the way they emphasize the letters like that they have an immense literature that attempts to back it all up, so don’t be so quick to see its arbitrariness.

This book was published by Chabad by the way. I might have to do a service to humanity and scan all the pages, and get some nice carpal tunnel in my neck.

Note the suspicion that they could’ve easily left out “the best parts” from the English translation and structured however they wanted.

The partzufim are already mentioned in the first page. The partzufim, the sephiroth, the qliphoth, the letters, and the numerical value of the letters all interlock in a dynamic unity. I.e. there’s an IQ barrier to this, so to say.

If any of you jagoffs were serious people we’d have an Antiversity that teaches all this in a Realpolitical sense, four year, six year, twelve year degrees. Just keep being empty-headed though and talking about Bydun n Kofid, or even worse some National Enquirer tier BS.

Heh too bad they all want you to die even if you’re only at my intermediate level.

If you ask me, we need a voice-actor pronto to record an audiobook on the basics of Lurianic Kabbalah so that Anyperson can absorb it. Because let’s just be honest, reading is not a thing many people like to do.

I think back to Strauss’s supposedly ~esoteric~ essay on Genesis, and only idiot goyim would fall for that shit- that’s nothing. Bill Kristol likes to give a public wink now and again, and it’s always perceived as alluding to Machiavelli or some Euro thinker. It’s nothing to do with this more subterranean layer. Straussianism in that sense is just another psyop among the others. I have no doubt though that Strauss must have had the thought “Scholem is the REAL esotericist between us two.”

Huh, this is interesting

The Torah then proceeds to discuss the elevation of the seven kings of Edom who died, for as is known, remnants of these “kings” exist in every world.

So, something maybe difficult to understand here- the sephiroth structure I frequently post images of? There are actually four of those

That means each of these worlds has its own keter, chokhmah, binah, etc. and its own partzufim. As you ascend in knowledge and self-awareness you ascend through these worlds. And Luria is saying above that elements of the goyim are in all of them. Yes, I know, nice to meet you here. And like I said, you should only laugh in the face of someone who claims to know what the world of atzilut is like. At least that’s what I would’ve done when Zevi started claiming to. Uh, and the rest is history.

I wish people like Dugin and Yarvin would put their cognitive powers to talking about this stuff. Since they don’t they’re far far from atzilut (at least their public persona is).

Already on page five they’re speaking of “shells”. Without knowing anything about this would you be like “Pistachios? What?”

Something I really appreciate about Luria is the rangordnung-consciousness. There’s not much equalism to be found there.

sefirot are organized into the pattern of the human form. The world of Atzilut issues from Adam Kadmon via various manifestations of G-d’s Name

The Torah is only at binah, and that’s always where the goys thought the Jews were at. It’s quite mind-boggling all they kept hidden from us.

In the USSR you were executed on the spot for possessing books on the Talmud?? That’s a laugh.

That’s from the world of Beriah too.

“They’re such talented deceivers, that’s why we should let them continue to pillage our country!” Nice logic there you submissive buffoon.

Anyway, the implication of the goy in their system is so constant you’d be amazed. You’re a main character and that’s not a good thing.

Even the fake-right hates someone like me who only has a basic grasp on all this. And the left-liberals are even less refined shells. That’s where we’re at.


Since there were many levels of shattering, each vessel shard descending further than the next, the Torah uses various terms to describe the cataclysm, saying “chaos, emptiness, darkness.”

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