Given Idel’s obsession with Abulafia I surmise he agrees with this

Remember Abulafia was one of those wackjobs who saw himself as the new Moses.

Their caste-system, from highest to lowest, was between kohens, levites, and yahaduts, and Abulafia saw himself as the pinnacle of the kohens.

What explains the fallen state of jewry today? Did all the kohens breed with the yahaduts? Groace.

Abulafia was a Sephardi by the way. The leveling process within Judaism is a “conspiracy theory” someone needs to work on. It seems like Hasidism was a rabble-revolt for instance. And during the days of Sabbatai they were all banging their own sisters–and the daughters they had with those sisters–so there’s that too. Just trying to be scientific about this, hope ya don’t mind. You can never accuse me of trying to make Jews feel like “a turd with a peanut lodged in it” never never never.

Anyway, not everything in Luria-Vital was regarded as equally secret and many manuscripts were censored and abridged – this is the case with what was included of Abulafia’s.

This is the best site I know of for finding obscure Kabbalistic texts in English, and it looks like there’s only one anthology where Abulafia is included.


And I count about 200 pages of Abulafia on z-library in English. There are a couple other volumes besides these thirteen I can see too.

Thus, we need to rely on scholarship to get an idea of what he’s about.

It is precisely because they do not commune with the divine after the fashion of the Jewish kabbalists that the gentiles, regardless of their current status, will be annihilated

It’s misleading to imagine a nuke going off or something. People are “annihilated” and are alive. They’re walking zombies.

My ears perk up about Abulafia because Idel has multiple standalone studies on him, and Wolfson has one as well. And neither of them have many studies on particular figures. Idel has one on Eliade, Wolfson has one on Heidegger – so it looks like they’re targeting “fashy goys”. Then, Wolfson has one on Schneerson. It can’t be a coincidence that Idel has four studies on Abulafia.

Remember how new this field is. Scholem was the only Kabbalah professor at the time of his death in 1982. Here is a snapshot of his PROGRAMMATIC book that set the stage for future scholars

In other words, I suspect that Scholem, being the first, had amateurish qualities, and the next generations were better able to pinpoint the “heart of the heart” of Kabbalah.

Hey all this might sound pedantic- someone’s gotta do it.

“I don’t care if my people are annihilated.” That’s called a mental illness. That’s part of already being annihilated!

I try to persuade people it’s important to look at the blueprints of all this. Walking zombies are not concerned with that. They’re already the victims of those blueprints.

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