He IS pretty regal-looking

This causes a shift in consciousness that cannot be attained through sephirothic pathworking

These are real things, we’re not talking about mundane reality here

the trials posed during the encounter with the Active Intellect, which contains an unrestrained demonic element.

I’m now consulting Luria directly to learn about these things

Doesn’t he have a Machiavellian face? I would say so

I’m really having a blast with him though, lots of wisdom to be found- I’m not “hatereading” him by any means.

The following is all-too-relatable (and the sexual imagery in Kabbalah is something you just have to get used to if you want to understand it)

There are a few things from Luria I’ve omitted from sharing for instance because I know I’m mostly talking to the kind of “people” described above.

Something else relatable

Enoch, the sixth generation from Adam, was something of a saint or ascetic who renounced the evil ways of his rapidly degenerating society.

What a bunch of kelipot, how disgusting. Truly worthless niggers, everywhere.

Let’s try to explain this Lurianically shall we?

The nogah-shell is the technical term for what I’ve described as what Jews think of “their animal side”. It’s not like the goyim-shell because it isn’t absolutely irredeemable- there’s a neutrality to it, it can be made either holy or evil. Luria describes it as similar to an orange’s peel, which is in some cases edible, even if it isn’t the orange itself. So in other words, what we call the uglinesses of Zog are a type of peel that prevents the forces of evil from reaching the holy that it protects. Luria says it’s like a worm ruining an apple.

From my HUMBLE perspective, I think the real “nogah-shell” was destroyed in 1945. The forces of evil HAVE reached the holiness that was protected by the peel, and those are called “Jews”. Just one person’s opinion.

This explains some things (if you are properly attuned to the meanings of their terminology)

All the different sephiroth exist within each other. The left side exists in the right side. Judgment is in mercy. Gevurah (judgment) exists on the side of mercy to fight Gevurah for the sake of mercy.

There’s a good chance you’re a fan of this ontology. For example, let’s just say I expect Irish people to be big fans of everything leading back to mercy. And one Irishman is worth about 100 latinos, so go from there. Go ahead, explain our political order better than I can, I bet you can’t.

Some people aren’t like you Jews. Our world doesn’t revolve around not being judged. Do you feel guilty or something? A psychological reading of Kabbalah is just hilarious. Be a bad person, expect not to be judged- that’s the whole worldview, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out. Pathetic niggers everywhere who are incapable of morality.

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