This flu from a bat gave me a paranormal experience, what’s up with that? I’ve had worse flus before though. Carrying on with Luria who seems to give us a proto-genealogical take here

You know I’m just “darkly hinting” here.

I ate an orange for the vitamin c and decided to try some of the peel. Maybe I’d eat that if I were starving. You have the intelligent degenerates known as “jews” on the one hand, and then the braindead degenerates known as goy bioleninists on the other, and the latter isn’t even “peel”. The so-called nogah-shell remember. “What about the good citizen jews?” Does a NON-degenerate run cover for their crime family? Gotcha there. Further, I think it’s fair to classify most jewesses as part of the braindead degenerates. Thus the intelligent degenerates I see as the nogah-shell that is ostensibly protecting the orange (the holy). And I wonder if it is not a rotten orange in there.

I said before that I have in my possession the densest Luria-Vital collection in English I know of, running to about 1300 pages. And let me show you this

The first three volumes alone run to 1300 pages! So we have approx 1/5th of Luria in English.

It’s kind of funny that I probably know more about this stuff than most American Jews, even the ones in high places. This is due to the Zevi-telos I think- first the Torah is nullified, next the Kabbalah is nullified. They simply don’t have interest in it. This probably also has something to do with the pajama party, i.e. “How could God allow such evil? Thus God must not exist.” Nonetheless, hating the “forces of judgment” remained as their God, even if they don’t have the sophisticated understanding of that which Kabbalah provides.

And there’s tons in Luria that would be seen as politically incorrect today, which I at least find to be more realistic than what the typical jew today believes. So being severed from their tradition caused them a blindness. Another way to spin it is that Shamir is on to something to say that Zevi is the keter of Lurianic Kabbalah. In other words, you can interpret them as keeping with their tradition as well.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that Celts, who tend to be smarter than browns, will run cover for the jews, whereas the browns will not because they are not as aware. The Celts to be an important part of the “extended crime-family”. Very likely due to having a chip on their shoulder for being treated as subhumans by the Brits. Thus they want all Brits–and those like them, i.e. higher types that weren’t treated as subhumans–to be dead. “We help the jews kill them yessss!” They really have no qualms with turd-worldization of the west, purely out of revenge for being treated like “dirty leprechauns”. I like Celts when they’re not acting like that, I see them as an equal more or less when their life isn’t centered on revenge.

I’m not going to be running cover for Italians either. Most people from Ellis Island commonly have attitudes that make the country worse, and they should get over it.

While we’re here might as well cover all the bases and touch on the woman question. Let’s just say I haven’t had sex for seven years because I’m waiting for my wife. That’s all I’ll say to them. And I’m tall and charming in a city of sluts, so don’t tell me I’ve had no choice. Meanwhile the woman reading this was probably jizzed in by a stranger just yesterday. Sounds like a mature person who “feminism” totally hasn’t failed utterly.

Now tell me all these people I’ve discussed above shouldn’t be “judged”. You’re just a bad person if you think that, which is just a euphemism for a “spiritual jew”.

“I don’t care, good and bad are relative!” Yeah you can trace that back to Zevi and his cladistic adherents that have brainwashed you for your entire life.

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