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People aren’t going to hand you this awareness so I do it instead

Do you think it’s important to know what Aristotle thought of Plato? Similar dynamic between Luria and the Zohar. And if I have to remind you, it seems I’ve isolated the heart of the Zohar to be the Idras.

Most goys don’t learn Hebrew- mostly it’s people going into the priesthood who want to better understand the old testament, and I doubt they often look into much other stuff in said language. Isn’t it fun that someone with a somewhat academic brain like mine plays these games? A good deal of people in the academy could do exactly what I do but they choose to live a life of comfort.

Let’s take a look at this chain now

Then the Gaon wrote this while standing on the shoulders of Luzzatto

Zohar Idra, Shaar Maamrei Rashbi, Adir BaMarom, Idrat Eliyahu – just some household names.

Question- did Nathan write on the Idra? He’s the main missing link I can think of between Luria and Luzzatto.

And after the Gaon we have Hasidism which was a popularization of Luria in many respects. So it seems the four cited texts are likely to be more of the elitist understanding. Going from Luzzatto’s magnum opus to Zalman’s I definitely get that sense myself.

Sure let’s call this accelerationism (what else is new?)

Even someone who’s neutral about the Jews should be interested in this enquiry. Most Buddhists aren’t that bright compared to Jews, Jews are really smart. Even if you just have an interest in mysticism in general I’m constantly baffled no one wants to know what the Kabbalists’ highest insights are.

Personally I learn a lot from them and also take issue with a lot. I’m not a distortingly polemical interpreter.

Ultimately it’s about how luminescent one’s will-to-know is. If you really love God and really want to have knowledge of God’s nature, it seems Kabbalah is one of the main places you’d want to look. Whether you agree or disagree with it you gain knowledge about God AND our political zeitgeist at levels you can’t find nearly anywhere else.

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