I have to hand it to some that they refrain from flying into rants about the qellipot. Just sit back, tolerate it, slowly die inside.

Like I said, there’s a similar “doctrine” in Greek and German though besides just the Hebrew (and probably in others too if I strained myself to think about it).

I don’t know if any of this has upset you, it’s just one with hermetic initiation, so if you don’t like it you should probably sign up in a different lodge.

Normie racists will all of a sudden “discover” that they are equalists when faced with the inner meanings of the Greeks, Hebrews, Germans.

It’s called a caste-reveal.

Classy ladies will only smile at the supposedly “cruel” things that I say. The leveling process has been going on for multiple generations now and not many have survived that CAN smile at it. I like to imagine there are some that “know their place” (gasp) and at the same time are happy that someone is criticizing all these lies in our society that are in fact dooming it. I see the feminine as part of me. The difference is that I’m the one who articulates these things FOR YOU. You should just see yourself as the one articulating them.

Similarly, the human races as such are One. Most POC don’t have the awareness of or the ability to articulate certain matters. POC are also part of me. And I’m part of you. At least in a healthy society I am. In ours that’s repressed and suppressed (due mostly to Jewish neuroses). Do you want to have a 1st-world in Colombia one day? The Jewish strategy is not going to offer you that. That’s because they’re not even 1st-world themselves, they recently bribed and slaughtered their way out of exile, and now their supposed “country” relies on the charity of others to exist. That’s not someone to take advice from.

Same logic with my fellow white males. I’m fused to you too. There’s a good chance you’re not too happy about that either. I know this one guy who plays video games all day and teaches his kids to play video games all day too. Do you want that to be you? I highly doubt in your heart of hearts that you want that.

There are different levels of “entertainment” – objectively speaking. Today for instance I’ve been fighting the flu to study the books of the unrightful usurpers of the world. Is that something that you’re just cool with, that the Jews have done that? They’re a race of decadents- just look at 90% of what they own, I bet you will find something kikey about all of them if you look closely enough. That isn’t something you should tolerate.

See, I’m an equalist in my own way for perceiving myself as “fused” with these different types of people. From my perspective I’m just you talking to yourself. That is how the castes are supposed to work in a healthy society that is not a crypto-totalitarianism run by merchants who create an illusion of equality.

Women aren’t really known for being daring, POC aren’t really known for being that bright, most white men aren’t really known for being not lazy. When you live in the illusion of equality there is no “fusion” that is able to help you.

“It’s a white male! Shut up!” Yeah that’s the illusion of equality. I know better than you all. Such crudeness on display everywhere makes democracy look like a sham.

Let’s just put it into plain English- jews tend to be kikes. The Christians that they lived under were their higher self which judged them. That was before the jews hegemony through white-collar plundering of gold we’ll call it. That higher self now has been smothered into a whisper- by design. And they want it to be absolutely eliminated. They want no higher self to judge them. And given that they’ve bankrolled feminism, BLM, all these “I hate a higher self of judgment” type groups, they’ve infected women and POC with their own misbegotten neuroses.

You’re just seen as a reprehensible dirtbag for divulging these things. One way that ZOG is so effective is they’re more secretive about it, in fact they’re perfectly secretive about it. The Jews ARE playing the role of the higher self of judgment – that’s a central meaning of ZOG. With them though it’s inverted so it’s judgment OF judgment. So in reality there is no higher self of judgment with them because what they do is remove the higher self of judgment WITH their higher self of judgment.

Okay trust them, then you won’t have fusion with people who know better than you. Eliminating all judgment isn’t knowing better than you. That is exile-induced neurosis.

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