This is true in my experience

[Luria’s Etz Chaim] is clearly the most intellectually complex of the principal works of written Qabalah

If you knew how far behind even the most knowledgeable goyim are you’d be fixated on kabbalah too. I’m a big fan of fiction set in jungles for whatever reason and why would I indulge the impulse to write about something as trivial as that instead?

One trap for people with something of a third eye to fall in is to gravitate around occult literature. Most occult texts don’t even mention Luria. Idiots.

For instance, “who care” if Israel Regardie, the main promulgator of the Golden Dawn system, was of a middling Grade in that system? The Golden Dawn itself is of a middling Grade.

I can’t emphasize enough how helpful Don Karr’s bibliographical articles are

50 gates can be read here if you can tolerate sometimes illegible insta-translation. As for the above DS/eU edition, translated by Baal Even, it is “temporarily out of stock” on amazon (and elsewhere), and if it were in stock it would cost about 3600 zogbux. Can you imagine some sneaky yid buying up ten thousand copies for 3600 each to remove them from the market? I can. Please get on my level of cynicism.

Here is another one that is out of print that sounds like it would be useful

illustrates with over 140 drawings both in English and Hebrew the entire Lurianic system

Can someone tell me why I have a mischling in my inbox implying she wants to “suck” my antisemitism out? What’s the psychology there? My schizo side sees this as God being angry with me for challenging his demiurge.

Anyway, that 1300 page tome in my possession consists of Sha’ar Ha-Pesukim, Sefer Ha-Likkutim, and Likkutei Torah. Sha’ar means gate. If you see sha’ar or gate in a title then you’re probably dealing with a text that is in the Lurianic tradition.

I.e. only one gate among many is included in the English edition that “they allow” to not be out of print

As for the Ha-Likkutim and Likkutei Torah, these are early teachings of Luria.

I repeat- most goys who study Kabbalah (which they tend to spell with a Q instead of a K in the beginning) have no idea about these things, so even if it seems boring it’s necessary to elucidate the “real Kabbalah” that is actually in English.

A modern-day classic on the qliphoth is Karlsson’s study, and look how derivative the bibliography is

The goys that get into this stuff are not initiated into the highest degrees. Through their ignorance they demonstrate that they are qliphoth themselves.

If you see a book with only the sephiroth on the cover that’s a good sign that it’s a work of exotericism.

Eric Anpin is known as vast face and Zeir Anpin is known as small face. Zeir Anpin is also known more commonly as YHWH. The small face is able to face the vast face and grow in vastness.

Not the bearded man in the clouds, the bearded MEN in the clouds

The white locks are strands of Divine Names. And you thought the bearded man in the clouds was a children’s tale.

Bringing it closer to the human realm now

I’ve personally been trying to dissolve Small Face.

Anyway, one way this double man in the clouds is referred to is as du-partzufim, i.e. two-face. Idel frames it as the distinction between the written and the oral Torah. Or to bring that to today’s world, what our overlords put on our screens vs. what they believe themselves.

To dissolve Small Face you have to face Vast Face. Unlike the mainstream normies I never address myself to the “written Torah”. Granted, you’ll likely be removed from society if you face Vast Face.

Go listen to some rap instead of trying to understand these things- that probably better suits your nature.


Most humans bury such flashes as traumatic experiences. Purification of the shells through the repetition of a root mantra over time gives the ability to accept such flashes as a desirable experience

The faces of the bearded men in the clouds consist of letters

People are too fond of Small Face to not hate people who talk about all this.

Do I ever make you feel guilty about your grift-game? It’s okay to have a nature that is stuck in the mundane world, one that is so close to the herd that it is part of the herd.

I think of that contemporary witch’s circle of occultists – they don’t know what esotericism is

This is the only good demon to be. Anything else and you’re just a cog of the state, an object without autonomy.

Anyway I’ve been drawing from this “qabalah” book which is an exception in that it actually isn’t a few removes from Luria in the telephone game.

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