Does anyone like to hear my meditations on emptiness? I only say it because it’s true. I imagine a beautiful woman in a nice dress, jewels, make-up, perfume, and all that, and I wonder What really is there? You have to align yourself with sellout world to get one of those. Thus there’s something false about that beauty.

As you know, one of the themes here is “the highest things”. A beautiful woman certainly has to be one of those. My question is, is a shill one of the highest things?

“I never admit I’m one of those, thus I am not one.” Yeah that’s how the world turns.

I have a pretty grim view of woman’s nature- “Where did you get that money?” Uh.. underground stolen children’s blood market..? “Oh okay, that’s a nice boat you have.”

I don’t care what jewels they put on if that’s what they’re like. That isn’t true beauty. The brute fact is that the sellouts and “beautiful” women are one.

There’s an emptiness on both sides of it for anyone who isn’t part of their charade.

Who would even be attracted to a eunuch slave that rakes in the zogbux? I’d rather take a shit in that cursed womb than ejaculate in it.

And yet, that’s where most babies are born from, my reader included. It’s a cycle that repeats.

Empty man and empty woman equals empty child. And that is the future of humanity.

“I didn’t sell my soul!” Are you sure…?

It must be a coincidence that you prefer to hide people like me so you can go on living your illusion that you aren’t an empty person.

“I’m part of the chattering-class the soyboy Jack never banned!” Whoa, the beautiful women really deserve someone like you.

These are what we call sad facts- whether they’re sad or not they’re still facts.

No real demonstration of intellect, no real demonstration of beauty to be found- that’s what I mean by “emptiness”. Only hollow people together in a shared illusion.

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