Stupid video game won’t work. A never-ending lack of solaces, and not a respite on the horizon. So might as well rehash some fundamentals.

Do you remember the 2000s internet? Back in those days it was a revelation to learn that America Is A Communist Country.

That’s square one. If you can’t admit that then you’re probably part of Stalin’s secret police. And it’s part of your secrecy to pretend that doesn’t exist.

There are levels and levels and levels of this that only people with non-niggerbrains can understand. That’s because the secret police (freelance Mossad agents) tend to have a personal agenda. They’re only part of those ranks because they identify as a subhuman for one reason or another.

Given that I have the most comprehensive perspective of all this on the internet, and that everyone’s let me suffer and die over and over again for years, I have deduced (over and over again) that everyone is some level of secret police. Go ahead and let me know by scapegoating me without name. Wow, that proves it.

So, the beginning is that America is a communist country. And even that is palatable for beginners. It gets worse from there in ways most people can’t accept.

I do actually care about you, I’ve been trying to bring you to my (cursed) level. When most people talk–upper and lower-class alike–a rational response is to think “What a nigger”. At least 99% of cases this is what is going on in reality. You can accept it or you can be one of the niggers yourself – most have chosen the latter.

It was Yarvin who established the fact that America is a communist country, and I am eternally grateful for that- the problem is, he and his ilk are unable to grapple with the further implications of that.

Namely, who’s the leader of the communist country? It’s kikes.

I’m actually someone who has reverence for the idea of a possible “political science”. What do the communists do when you talk about their leaders? They are not happy, in fact civility is non-existent, they plainly want you to not be alive anymore. Is it okay we’re having an adult conversation, my beloved reader?

The leaders of the communist country in fact have books and books and books that detail their plans before Marx ever was born, and these communist subhumans will want you to die for mentioning them, even if they don’t know anything about what’s in them.

I think their psychology is simpler to understand than you might expect. They weren’t born perfect, and they want people who are “more perfect” than them to not exist anymore so that the contrast is no more.

There are politically incorrect ways of looking at it, which I think show you the most reality if you can deal with it. Christian-descended peoples aren’t about “jewing” others. The particular people who love to “jew” others, naturally rise to the top.

So let’s just formalize two different castes here. It’s the “jewer” and it’s the one who likes to watch others be jewed – this latter is the goy communist.

Let’s take the Irish again for an example. They are redfaced angry at whites who see them as dirty leprechauns. They WANT those whites to be jewed. Anyone who judges them that way deserves the worst by WHATEVER means necessary.

My question is why don’t you just try to not be a dirty leprechaun? The reality of “communism in America” is just the universalization of niggers like this. Communism is a euphemism for bitter niggers being the majority.

So what’s that say about the leaders of our communism? It’s easy to see a bitter nigger when you look at most jews. Did Yarvin forget to leave out that part? So how do the people who call it globalism or neoliberlism rationalize it then? The DEDUCTION is that they are secret police of the regime.

Hate to brag, only subhumans would allow a lofty mind such as mine to suffer in pariah-conditions for years. That itself is proof you’re part of the secret police. I just love truth and understanding the world, and virtually everyone hates you for that. Yes, America is a communist country, that much is obvious. The question is where do YOU fall in that?

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