Look what someone uploaded to z-library

The intro refers to them as “marooned texts”.

Remember this guy?

Writings from his teacher Riegl are included in this collection too.

Would you be able to endure consigning someone like David Lynch to a “symptom of a decadent society”? This School has that power.

I bet merely speaking of this causes you to reflect on some of your favorites and think “I’ve been found out!”

I think it would be fair to call Americans a race- progs, normie-cons, jews, and browns all have the same basic temperament at the end of the day

Those ten personalities I mentioned? That the market “allows” you to choose between? They’re all the same at root. It’s why they’re all able to share a common space together. They all have the same presuppositions, and those presuppositions are instinctive – thus I have no qualms calling Americans a race. While you can extrapolate technicalities that does seem like a fact. Shitlibs are just smart niggers, jews are just smarter shitlibs. And the thesis here isn’t only that you’re a race of people, it’s that you’re a decadent race of people. The “melting pot” already exists on the level of psychology, and oh what an odor rises from the simmering bubbles as they pop.

Further do you ever see “conservatives” apply the Great Chain of Being to humans like I do? Rabble, dumb cunts, muds, etc.? That just proves they’re all the same. They all have the same egalitarian presuppositions.

The American race thus has a botched attitude toward art from the get-go. If you can’t judge individual people as rabble then you can’t judge a work of art as something that was made by rabble! The consequence is that you consume it without acknowledging what it really is, and consuming it has an effect on you. If you cannot determine “This was made by a mudperson” then you will turn into a mudperson yourself by consuming it. Similarly, if you are unable to spot a kike, you will turn into a kike by consuming kike-creations.

“That isn’t allowed in any of the ten personalities we can choose from!”

Do you remember during the election controversy twitter attached warnings on certain posts about misinformation? They should do that except with warnings like “CAUTION: this post was written by a eunuch.” Caution: this post was written by a mindless whore who will never know love. Etc. etc. Society would be a better place if people’s decadence was formalized like that. I wish they would do that with TV series too instead of having an R-rating or something like that. “This was produced and directed by decadents, and thus will have the effect of making the viewer decadent.” “Someone with a bitter niggersoul is saying this- be warned!”

Imagine what life is like for me when those are just natural warnings in my own perception.

And if you do not want people to have those natural warnings in their perception you are one of those ten personalities of the American race.

“We want bitter niggersouls around impressionable children.” That’s why I don’t count myself as one of your race.

Anyway, I digress. Do you want to know Beauty? Read Ovid. This was Shakespeare’s favorite poet and no one reads him for some reason. This Vienna School wants to go back to before the French Revolution. How about we go back wayyyy farther than that??

I don’t know if you’ve realized that my caste-ism, racism, sexism, etc. derives from my love of art to a substantial extent. I look at someone and think “YOU ARE NOT AESCHYLUS!!” You are not Odysseus, you are not Zarathustra!

Our zeitgeist is anti-art in that sense. You are not allowed to contrast living human beings with characters from high art, or with the classic artists themselves. You are the bottom of the barrel gutter caste in light of them, herd-animals and jungle savages especially. The typical leftist is a caste unto itself- they are worth absolutely nothing. They have no independent thought at all, they all believe the same exact things. They are worth about 1/1,000,000,000,000,000th of an Aristophanes. Yes, I’m going to be caste-ist against them. I’m certainly not going to consume what they say and turn into them.

Like I’ve said, Sedlmayr seems to be the apotheosis of the Vienna School, and reading him and reading about him puts one in an elevated mood where what I’ve discussed above is clear – art historiography is its own aesthetic experience

Hmm I’m learning now that Art in Crisis: The Lost Center isn’t even his magnum opus. Die Entstehung der Kathedrale is still untranslated. Also, his Die Revolution der modernen Kunst sold 100,000 copies after it was released in 1955. People were still attuned to this ethos just prior to the hippies.

Heh good for him

Sedlmayr taught at Munich until 1963, and then at Salzburg until 1974. He was never re-embraced by the art historical community.

Imagine trusting an equalist about art. What a joke that is. Aesthetics is downstream from politics. People are attempted artworks themselves, and it’s a torture to listen to most of them talk. I guess it’s not really their fault they only get those ten personalities to choose from.

Dude did you hear? One of these guys wrote a novel, it’s so good

Just admit that you can imagine a leftist saying something in that ballpark.

I can’t get enough of these art historians to add to my pantheon

Certainly the nationalist and racist generalizations that animate Kaschnitz’s historical schemata are hard to stomach.

In our day, “affirmative action” isn’t simply bestowed along racial lines. It’s important to keep in mind that affirmative action is often caste-ist. It’s mediocrities in general, regardless of race, that they put the spotlight on. It just helps if you’re a minority. This is in part because there’s such a high demand for mirrors for vulgar simpletons to look at themselves in.

By the way, Lukacs and Benjamin endorsed the Vienna School. Today’s left is a far cry from the cultured instincts of the old left. That’s because today’s left is constituted by the AMERICAN RACE! Guess where those two liked to hang out when they were young? Germany. They both actually studied at the University of Berlin. Meanwhile our leftists were very likely steeped in Leveling Studies at university. There’s really no point in trying to talk sense into someone who’s part of the American race. This excuse for a civilization is never going to produce a Homer or an Achilles. The Vienna School at least helps us dream.

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