I’m back to that book on ancient banking which I referred to before as having an “inspired” quality. This book influenced that favorite Goodson book of mine.

the temple was the bank of the community

This is Mesopotamia. In the earliest days of “non-primitive” humanity, the banks were run by the priesthood. This author is hinty about “who” the international clique was that subverted this model. When a Jew smiles I just see a circle of shit around their mouth. Oh sorry I have tourette’s, it’s a real troublesome disease.

This is another prime case of Am I taking crazy pills? Because when I reflect on how few clay tablets from that time have been translated it’s mind-boggling. Are you new here? Is this your first rodeo? This book in question at least uses the translated ones as one of its sources.

This is about the 21st century–BC! Around the time they speculate Abraham was alive

According to Sir Charles Woolley, trade seemed to extend from the city of Ur, particularly during the so-called IIIrd. Dynasty, over the whole known world which certainly reached as far afield as Europe

At least over 2000 years this clique was in operation when you “finally” get to Ancient Rome where Cicero had to whisper about their “lobby” out of fear. And we all know the story of Jesus and his whip some decades after Cicero. They didn’t fall out of the sky only a couple generations before Jesus, it was a long time they were around.

It probably goes without saying that these clay tablets shed light on the Exodus, Esther, and Babylonian Captivity “stories”, among others. Bang one empire, bang another empire, bang another empire- hope ya don’t mind.

This is probably how they originally emerged as a distinct people- they selected for cut-throats. Don’t have the stomach for it? Then you can go marry one of those virtuous Zoroastrians like a chump.

I remind you that this book had to be privately printed even though it is not even explicit about “the problem”.

I see the shills of today as similar to this corrupted Mesopotamian priesthood. They walked so you could run!

Reflect for a second about how you can’t talk about this. Don’t you think there’s something sinister about that? I would not consider that a “free person” by any stretch of the imagination.

It never ceases to amaze me that Jews aren’t so ashamed of themselves that they hide or wear some kind of disguise. Their faces are right in public and they act like everything is normal. Indeed they act like THEY are the moral arbiters. Who appreciates that irony? Anyone besides me? I doubt at the pearly gates they’d regard taking the life of a shekelnigger with no conscience a “sin”. Peter would probably throw those gates wide open, theoretically speaking. Peter was kissing Hitler’s feet- that’s the extent of how confused people are about all this.

“You need to go to prison!” Why, because I’m honest?

Who is your god, tell me

This is clearly a “between-the-lines” book par excellence.

I think something that many people can’t accept is that the Old Testament is a work of art. It’s not historically accurate, it’s a book of fables. I advise you to interpret it through that mercy/judgment dynamic I keep harping on. It’s the “merciful history” of the Hebrews.

They keep trying to worm their way into those places to this very day! I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but Syria is pretty much a dead country at this rate. Egypt is golemized. One of the reasons they do all this without conscience is because they actually believe those mercy-filtered tales in the old testament. It’s the same reason American jews push all these harmful ideologies- they BELIEVE their own lies! Even the jews who read me will go on to teach their children they were enslaved by the Egyptians to gin up hatred for the goyim. This is just who they are, they’re kikes. I wish I had them for my sauce I’m making right now instead of ground veal. I’d love some kike sauce. A little voice, a little whisper, probably knows how depraved they are, and part of them secretly wants to be ground and put in a sauce.

“What am I doing here?” The stars have aligned, that’s what you’re doing here.

Without me you just don’t have a contrast. All the seemingly “good people” that you know probably appear very cowardly and prone to “compromise” in light of the above, yes? It’s true, the seemingly good people are almost all shams. I’m not going to blame a sweet old granny for being ignorant about this. People who know, even if they have a vague idea, they are the problem. The extremely sad fact is that many might as well have a Jew Shrine that they worship. That is how incredibly mindfucked they are. This is a non-person we’re speaking of. Their soul is hollowed-out and there’s a tiny jew in their skull that pushes buttons and pulls levers. That is not a person.

You can reduce it to an animal-esque level of desperation. Capital is food. They do not want to starve. The ones who “control the food-supply” so to speak have them hypnotized to keep their bellies from rumbling. It’s real basic stuff that explains how they’re so easily manipulated psychologically through and through. Food and pussy and probably glory- this is why they refrain from ever mentioning the ancient international clique that determines the lifeworld of the only intelligent species in the known universe. Sounds like an excuse to me.

Yeah this is a good book though, check it out.

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