Apparently someone recorded an audiobook of The Sumerian Swindle, if you prefer texts that way. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is a MONUMENTAL study. It’s everything I could’ve asked for and much more. Like many things you see here, it’s “more Nietzsche than Nietzsche”. Most of these clay tablets weren’t excavated until after his time, so it’s easy to explain why that is possible. Similar in the case of Marx, for whom it wasn’t possible to write the true “origins of capitalism” because these archaeological findings were after his time.

The author himself explains indirectly why his study is significant

The disciplines are fragmented. Archaeologists don’t tend to be the kind of people who engage in abstract theorizing about their findings. And that is what the writer in question has done.

Don’t you want to know about the EARLIEST records of humanity? The importance of this speaks for itself–or at least one would think.

This is a live threat to our communist order- they don’t want you to know about any of this. The Stalinists get hysterical when you put their ruling-caste into question.

Let’s just say there’s a suspicious pattern to be found in Sumer

These are far from the juiciest details in fact. Just a couple key terms to know for this history lesson, tamkarum and awilum.

I learned about these cultures in 5th grade I think it was. I wish I had learned what’s in this series, that would have been a great headstart in my intellectual life. So hopefully I have had some zoomers who have read some of the books I’ve suggested. That would give them an educational boost that I personally wasn’t granted in my own life.

Taking it as a given that progs could never accept this, do you think Christians or Muslims ever could?

There’s a less daring but still provocative study on Sumer and the Jews here

I.e. their pre-Sumer activity is a potential avenue to travel down for another day. Suffice it to say the Zionists make it difficult to learn the facts about earliest recorded humanity.

As a sidenote, it’s kind of interesting to consider Joseph Farrell’s (convincing) theory that what we know of as “Ancient Romans” were largely of Babylonian stock, and that WWII was thus in part something of a continuing 5000+ year old conflict.

It’s not difficult to wrap your head around why their golems are so dutiful and obedient

If you’ve escaped this I’d be shocked. Nearly everyone who believes they’ve escaped only tell themselves that. They’re 100% at the whim of the people who’ve designed them to be what they are.

That Sumer study might help you free yourself from them.

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