If you think this is creepy, consider how creepy it is to actually be a golem yourself

Some call this the oldest Kabbalistic text in existence.

They’ll always be in denial that they’re a golem. “I’m just ME” they’ll keep telling themselves. Yeah, okay.

Best to just be humble and accept that a multi-trillion dollar system has great power over you in ways you can’t understand.

I try to be humble myself and admit that it’s a type of social retardation that has probably led me to understanding said system and the golems it creates, almost as if I’m able to stand outside of it. Yeah, I’m a social retard, sure. I’m not a golem though so… I think I prefer this.

Abraham actually used the powers of Sefer Yetzirah to create people.

This is one of the “scriptures”–along with the Bahir–that is often mentioned in the same breath with the Zohar.

Do I have the most insulting site ever? I think I might. And I’m just trying to tell the truth.

The golems are really not happy when you talk about what they are. It causes a relativism which leads to them identifying with jungle savages. “If I’m such a pawn how am I different from a negro?” There still are significant differences, it’s a mistake to be relativistic. Some very nasty people took over the world, and that means took over the souls of the world – and not all those souls are the same. This is a real, dire trap many people fall in, so I’m trying to warn you that relativism is actually counter-productive if you intend to not be some very nasty people’s pet golem. That’s in fact part of an old plan of theirs, as I’ve shown elsewhere- the goyim goat is sacrificed to Azazel to bear the burden of the Jews’ sins, the goat in this specific place being yours truly. Put differently, when a shell is informed of the shell phenomenon there is a tendency to even more fully embrace being a shell. That doesn’t have to be the case- one could theoretically strive to renounce all shell-like features one has.

Some Jews read me because they know I’m right that they themselves are golems. Multi-trillion dollar industry- not many are going to escape that, including the ones running it and their cousins.

The more pessimistic way of looking at it is that the ones who fold to relativism when exposed to the awareness of the shells are indeed shells, shells that duly prove they are shells by so doing. By the way, an approximate English translation of shell is “demonic cattle that should be either exploited or destroyed”.

Anglos are pretty well-known for being the dirty cut-throat style of capitalist too, the difference is they didn’t write thousands of “manifestos” about it. That’s what Kabbalah is.

You do not want to be sitra ahra. You do not want them to be right about you. They’re right about me personally in the sense that I’m an exploited person–what do you think my leech-readers have been doing for years? The difference is I’m not cattle. And only golems would exploit someone like me, rather than fanning me with palm leaves. It truly is the dismal state of the shell-goys that has been demonstrated with all this secrecy.

If you are able to look at the golems from the outside, they do not want to join you in those elements. It might as well be a below-zero blizzard on the outside. There is no “parka” they could wear to survive. This is the nature of a shell, to know they wouldn’t last an hour outside.

So the obvious conclusion is that the sitra ahra doctrine is mostly true. And it applies to both goys and jews alike.

They were all created. Perhaps only a sliver of a self is there in rare cases that burdens them with the thought of venturing outside. Otherwise, they’re all 90%+ golem that do what golems do and live as golems live on the inside, the inside of a world created by very nasty people. Creations within a creation that were created by those who were created themselves. It’s a world of objects that “decide” to be more object-like when informed of how object-like they are.

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