There’s this central idea in Phenomenology known as “bracketing”, and if applied in the right way it can lead to freedom.

The first step is bracketing the rabble. Their opinions mean nothing. It’s a cognitive operation of “suspending”. If the rabble speaks you bracket. You hear it and think “Don’t care, it’s a nigger”.

Why is it that the derp state and all their henchmen (excuse me, henchpeople) are so obliviously niggers? Why are they unable to prove that they are human?

Many years, thousands of days, trillions of dollars, no proof they are people. The conclusion is they are niggers.

“I can’t prove it even after they say that!” Yup, that’s a nigger. How does it feel to be part of the majority that protects you through numbers rather than truth?

“It’s truth, not numbers” – yeah right, nigger.

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