Asking Asian anthropos about the logos of anthropos

it was thanks to Liang Zhaotao’s efforts that in 1981, the Ministry of Education approved him to teach at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou to restore the Department of Anthropology, which had been suspended for 30 years. Later, it was the first anthropology department to be re-established in a Chinese university [1]. Gu Dingguo noticed that soon after anthropology was introduced into China, it became a tool for nation-building, and was involved in the confrontation between China and the West, and eventually became a kind of “patriotic” anthropology.

Our anthropology is patriotic too.

It probably sounds to you like something only an absurd people would do, suspending the department of anthropology. Yet our own people in the west have done the same thing in a sense.

How are the Chinese so honest about these things?!

The achievements of Chinese anthropology are no longer “understanding for the sake of understanding”, but serve social construction, form a good interaction with politics

An American anthropologist would not be caught dead saying something to that effect. It wouldn’t be merely “saying” it, it would rather be more of a “confession”.

In the lunar university, ideally, anthropology would eventually be the new primatology. It already is that for some who naturally have one foot in DMT hyperspace. Both feet is the aim. (Presuming we don’t hover at that time.) Sorry for dreaming big I guess. I know it’s a cardinal sin not to focus on picking up and brushing the dirt off every last of the close to 8 billion prehumans first before worrying about any of that. Wait a second, they ARE the dirt, brushing them off isn’t working! Women and POC were probably better off 30 years ago, so dirt has been brushed ON them instead. People in the US really know what they’re doing, isn’t it crystal clear?

Anyway, the discipline of anthropology needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. I’m looking to see what the Asians have to say because I already know that all westerners have to offer is “a load”. It’s supposed to be a noble enterprise, it’s supposed to be the science of human culture. We don’t have any of that here. Maybe in some random forum that google censors you can find some solid anthropology. It’s supposed to be about who we were and who we are now, on anything from prehistoric humanity to contemporary processes of so-called modernization. Work on the latter certainly is non-existent. Work on the former can be seen in that Sumerian genealogy book–so, next to non-existent.

Rebuilding the discipline begins with statements similar to the initial quote from that Chinaman. I.e. you have to start by talking about the anthropology of anthropology in a sense, or the culture that culture is studied in. You cannot proceed from the presupposition that the discipline is politically neutral. Our anthropologists need to be watched through binoculars. That is the only way to approach legitimate scientificity. WHAT IS a human? What do they DO in their “cultures”? Evidently if I’m resorting to the Sinonet for answers to these questions what the humans in our culture do is deceive. That’s the lifeblood of the nation.

It truly is ironic how Badiou claimed that the Chinese were never a philosophical people when he is a cog of the state and essentially a patsy theologian who would never voice the level of awareness of that initial quote from that Chinaman. Imagine Badiou confessing that his philosophy is intrinsically “patriotic”. Yeah right.

Look, more self-awareness from the Sinonet

Anthropology isn’t about truth here, it’s about serving the utilitarian purpose of leftist causes.

We desperately need something like this freed from the fetters of enforced politics

The American equivalent of this is illegal (i.e. do it and prepare to sleep under a bridge)

The Chinese frequently refer to their country as socialistic. We need to start doing that. It’s only an open secret here.

This post isn’t just ABOUT anthropology by the way- it’s the active practice OF it.

Some of us still care about the dignity of the disciplines.

It’s humorous how honest the Chinese are

You could say I’m a satisfied customer after asking the Chinese about anthropology. They show me what I want without intending to. See, I can’t stop being anthropological about them without intending to.

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