Looking into the cuisine of Iran. This is a popular dessert of theirs

The stuff on the right is called faloodeh. It’s kind of like sorbet. Semi-frozen, and it’s in a syrup made from rose water and it’s often served with lime and pistachios.

I’m going to have to make some of these on my own so I know what I’m getting myself into. They eat lots of lamb there, and I already eat lots of lamb myself. I bet not the way they make it though. Kebabs are pretty infamous among right-wing types because of orc immigrants (that are mostly Arabs).

Like I said before, it’s almost like something out of a fantasy movie when you look at pictures of their cuisine. I haven’t seen any cheeseburgers yet. That probably looks like something out of a fantasy movie to them!

It’s a weird food, isn’t it?

“Yeah, that’s what civilized people eat!” The US is the #14 most obese country in the world, and the first 13 are countries you probably never heard of before with minuscule populations.

No pork in Iran. The Christian populations there apparently get away with it though.

Probably lots of flavors I’ve never had before in my life if I had to guess

Still waiting for COVID to blow over to take more practical steps toward getting there. Just learning about their mysticism and Khomeini for now mostly.

“Why don’t you like us Americans?” You are incapable of providing proof that you are human! Do you think I’m joking about that? On the Farsinet there’s plenty of proof. Meanwhile Americans only prove the direct opposite. It’s already over. There’s no saving it because it’s already done for.

Apparently they use lots of the saffron spice, which is a type of lily. Only a sprig of it at my grocery store is 20 some dollars. What is this, the silk road all over again? Spices are $20 for a sprig?

I don’t know if this is boring to you. Food is more important to me than it used to be- I like treating myself by making really nice meals. In MY opinion they’re really nice at least.

By the way, McDonald’s was shut down during the Iranian Revolution and it still has not returned. That’s kind of symbolic, eh?

I see a lot of like putting different food in stripes on the same plate

This is the “Free World” we’re talking about here. It’s not the US. It’s Iran.

Keep coping and being ONE WITH such an irredeemable country. You are one of them and you never will change. Bankers’ bitch.

I’ll subsist off of that “maggot cheese” they eat in the Mediterranean if it means not being one with you “people”. All the sad niggers here can do is scapegoat someone who is ten times the person they are (if not more). You don’t even bat an eyelash because you know it’s true. The writing is on the wall, you are heading in the best direction possible here.

I have no clue what some of this food is, I’d take a dip though

I don’t think I’ve ever even tried saffron before, wbu?

Other popular ones are angelica, sumac, and advieh – never heard of em.

Oh hell no, now I’m getting defensive and Eurocentric here

It’s a steamed dish? They put turmeric in the sauce?

There will probably be many surprisingly tasty meals

using tart fruit in savoury dishes

They’re big on pomegranates over there for instance. And understanding ZOG. That’s the main point here. They know that America is the Great Satan, so bless their hearts. Not in superstitious, camel-banging terrorist ways do they know that either. Visit the Farsinet to dispel manufactured stereotypes.

There’s nothing here, only people who are bitter when you remind them how similar to a cotton plantation negro they are. This has been demonstrably proven a thousand times by me and they have no adequate response.

Their ruling-caste is merchant stock. Iran’s is theologians. They are merchants’ coons and it upsets them so much that this is true that they can never admit it how much that affects their personalities. Sabbatean niggers that were kicked out of 100+ countries shape your soul – I’m sure nothing bad will happen in that scenario. HAHA! I’m going to figure out how to escape it. Only a total piece of shit would tolerate this place, just face what you are.

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