“No not the maps not the maps, I thought you stopped with all those maps!”

This is thought-provoking to muse on- the countries in red still have some form of monarchism. The dates on the others are when it was abolished

What strikes me first is that most of them abolished it in the century I was born in. It was so recent it gives the impression we’re living in an “experimental” time.

It’s ironic that the British, the ones who arguably set most of this in motion with Cromwell, are one of the only ones who still have royalty.

Let’s just be idealists. I don’t expect a miracle to happen. I just find it fulfilling to speculate what the best path forward would be, theoretically.

The first counter-argument I want to shoot down right off the bat is the idea that there aren’t families that are nobler than others. No I’m not claiming mine is. Just that if you deny that fact you’re thinking magically and should stay out of serious politics.

This can get controversial real fast. With four great-grandpas who were virtuous and ambitious the chances of their great-grandsons being virtuous and ambitious are higher than great-grandsons who had great-grandpas who were vice-prone and aspired toward nothing. There’s a reason lots of people live in the jungle to this very day. Their great-grandpas were the same as them. This isn’t a debatable subject.

That’s one of the main obstacles for talking about this so I just wanted to get that out of the way. No I’m not an idiot who thinks that lineages can’t degenerate. Just look at Prince Harry and the turd with eyeballs he calls “princess”. (As a sidenote, you can actually probably blame Cromwell for that one–“Lord Protector”, don’t make me cackle.)

It doesn’t matter if lineages degenerate. What needs to be acknowledged is that certain lineages are in a better place than others to govern.

Remember, I’m just being an idealist here. IDEALLY, those countries on that map shouldn’t be so vast. Monarchy would be more effective if they were all fragmented into smaller countries.

Even liberals agree with me that electoral politics in the US is retarded. How many times do I have to tell you that I WANT you to have King Bernie of California, your own country. Electoral politics here do not work, something new needs to happen. And this is just my own opinion of what I think the best way forward would be.

I propose a couple breaths of fresh air, a couple generations of kings. Don’t women just lowkey run men’s lives anyway? So sure, the kings have to have some respect for their queens as well. Realism is not brain surgery- “feminism” has existed for a long time. “You don’t get pussy if you don’t respect me so shut your mouth.”

I even suggest that one or more countries are formally feminist and run by cat-lady queens! You can try it, you can have a eunuch king who follows your orders if you want too. I’m serious, I want to see how it goes after a couple generations. Without men keeping vice in check, good luck. By the way, I wasn’t joking around the other day when I said that what a “person” is is a fart that lingers around for 80 years – I hate men too. They’re the lesser evil. That is, if you are a fan of realism.

Anyway, the reason I’ve always admired old neoreaction is because I haven’t found a better formulation of the best way forward, theoretically speaking. Fragmented countries, and each of the fragments is run by the best people. “What does ‘best’ mean?” If you want to live there you can (if you’re accepted there). Don’t worry, I don’t think King Bernie will “discriminate” or “judge” anyone, so his hands will probably be pretty full.

We should just try kings again, and if people don’t like it, something will happen. Don’t you trust your grandchildren to decide?

The right wasn’t happy with Trump, the left isn’t happy with Biden. How long do you want to do this?

Something I really like about life is “being yourself”. I just want people to be themselves in their country of their choice. There could be certain “royal” people who best represent the way others “are themselves”. That is pretty much non-existent in the west.

I would live in King Bjerknes’ country for instance. Not to brag though, I kind of deserve to be the king of a country myself at this point. Hey, who’s keeping track though? Sure, I’ll settle for Bjerknes, and I think many others would too.

Some would prefer someone softer, like King Alex Jones. And his HEIR!

The best person in charge should decide who follows after them.

Okay, if Jones’ grandson is a joke we’ll figure something out at that time. The fact is things need to change. There needs to be a reshuffling. And it shouldn’t be based on the progressive (Sabbatean) model of putting the opposite of aristocrats in charge. Isn’t there speculation now that a black female judge for the Supreme Court might be sworn in? That is not the society I want to live in, where the worst are the first. I want my leaders to be the best. That will make life better. “We want our leaders to be the worst” – prove to me how that isn’t literally what leftists believe. For instance, the way Harris talks and laughs it’s extremely obvious she’s low-class and trashy. Uhhh…? No thanks.

It was just in the century I was born in that most of this happened. We can easily go back to something similar.

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