If you hate me why do you miss me, that’s a question to ask yourself.

There’s probably some kind of synchronicity between the words hermit and hermeticism. I bet that split-self schizophrenics constitute the backbone of my readership. Recall that I’ve rarely had IRL discussions with people about any of “this”, and definitely not ever at advanced or even intermediate levels.

Hermeticism is only “supposed” to occur at the periphery of society, if not outside its walls altogether. I would describe it as the nature of God itself.

Some people have a double-self and one of their selves lives in a cabin in the forest and remains aloof from society.

The invention of the internet is also part of God’s nature. The internet somewhat changes God’s nature.

In my experience at least, ONE of its effects is immanentizing hermiticism. I’ve already detailed the pitfalls of this also, i.e. the walls of society are merely built higher to keep the hermetics out after they appear in the center of society.

The question of What is Knowledge? is what we are revolving around here. What it is is that it is kept out.

If you are in the center of society you can ape it (mimic it in a diluted form). For instance, people who talk about corporacracy are similar to people like me, and even Marxists are similar, it’s just diluted (whether they can admit it to themselves or not).

I’ll actually concede something positive about the Jews in this context. They are as a people a TYPE of “peripheral hermit” that has reached the center of society. They often DO have their own type of “hermeticism”, which is mainstreamed at this point. The question is, WHY were they kept out? And I invite you to ask the same thing about people like me. The fact is the Jews aren’t hermetics anymore- usury, nepotism, etc. was an invention similar to the internet that facilitated their “discovery of the cure for leprosy”. We reviled white brahmins have yet to discover our own version of that. Eh, in part, take notes from them- take out college loans to learn how to be a banker ahahaha.

There are layers and layers of irony to our zeitgeist which only subtle minds will recognize. Disagree with the exile mindset, get exiled.

I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the basics again. Let’s just pretend that Jews are a “neutral” minority, let’s just pretend for a second they aren’t a “malignant” minority. Even IF they were not malignant, as a millennia-old minority they are prone to persuading others that “minorities as such” should be tolerated. That itself is malignant, even if you do not admit that they are malignant in other ways. And you are just a comical stooge if you do not admit they ARE malignant in other ways! Hey Jew why are you so similar to those jungle apes, it’s so weird!

They won’t be making those claims about white brahmins, because we are the natural governors in a healthy system. They don’t want a healthy system, because they are “judged” in that. So they cheat using capital manipulations. And then they cope about it, not being able to admit that to themselves, let alone to the goyim.

I like classic books, I like classical music, I like things of the Life of the Mind that have stood the test of time. Those are going away with the exile-bloods in control. This is because they secretly IDENTIFY as a nigger. They want whites to be niggers like them, ideally even in a worse state than them. No one else is going to care about the highpoints of the Life of the Mind, the Chinese sure aren’t. It’s going away- it’s a “devolution” occurring in real-time, and with next to no one saying anything against it. That’s called a failed planet. And you can objectively thank the cheating kikes for it.

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