WHO doesn’t miss this guy?

If you voted for Biden you’re just boring.

He even ended up meeting Kim after saying this! That’s called pure charm.

He taught the old man how to do a kickflip and no one hardly even reported on it? What is wrong with our journalists?

Okay the skateboard is photoshopped in – that’s Trump, the first US president about to step onto North Korean soil.

He revealed so much about the American people, that’s the importance I find in him. Biden doesn’t reveal anything besides that you’re boring, that’s all he does.

Trump was a mastermind at optics. I don’t know how he did it, he was the right man in the right place at the right time.

He reminds me of what Emerson said of Napoleon

Men give way before such a man, as before natural events. To be sure there are men enough who are immersed in things, as farmers, smiths, sailors and mechanics generally; and we know how real and solid such men appear in the presence of scholars and grammarians: but these men ordinarily lack the power of arrangement, and are like hands without a head. But Bonaparte superadded to this mineral and animal force, insight and generalization, so that men saw in him combined the natural and the intellectual power, as if the sea and land had taken flesh and begun to cipher.

I don’t have to go on about his flaws.

That Sumerian Swindle series has a succinct way of summarizing that

I’m here at the moment to emphasize Trump’s positive qualities. Because someone who isn’t a SHAMELESS LIAR needs to speak on this, about our recent president. That couldn’t be you, a shameless liar, right? If you told me about the weather I wouldn’t even believe you.

Of course, I see Trump’s value as it pertains to Philosophy. Even though he called himself a republican he was arguably much closer to an “independent”. If you watched closely, he always had a “tense” relation with the other republican politicians. They were tense, he was calm, that was part of the problem. That’s because he had not “slid left” like they had. Republicans might as well be another form of democrat, and he wasn’t exactly that. Even with his pristine optics, they couldn’t shake the recognition that he was part of the old school right–and they wouldn’t even be where they were if they were part of that.

I know I’m speaking to Coma Nation right now due to Biden. And I will speak nonetheless.

Off the reservation – what did Trump really reveal?

He kind of revealed it all. You just need to be able to decipher it.

“The Wall” was ultimately about the Jews. The “Mainstream Media” was ultimately about the Jews. And Trump was ultimately about keeping niggers out of the country, and keeping niggers away from corrupting the population.

“We like those things!!” Yeah… you’ve already been corrupted… You are a living product of “fake news”. You live in a world of illusions that was taught to you by terrible people.

I don’t care if Trump had to “take one for the team” and put the (distinctly NYC-oily) schmoozes to the people of Israel. Because I know for a fact that he knew that wasn’t ideal, it was just what he had to do. Only a goy who knew high society like him would’ve been able to pull it off. He was the true “receiver”–not just in the clouds. Remember he was close with Bannon who read Yarvin. That was him, that was the attempt, and I’m not sure if practically speaking he wasn’t the best man for the job. That’s the best the goyim could conjure up in that historical situation.

It’s really still too soon to evaluate Trump. From my perspective, in retrospect, after about a year, there IS something of a mastermind you can detect there.

Remember- Knowledge, by its nature, is kept out. That’s a given. He “dealt” with that given.

He’s the past. Biden represents the dissipation of the self-awareness that Trump brought about. You want to understand the country or not?

It’s time to go back to sleep and forget it’s possible you could have a real person be the leader of your country. He wasn’t a bureaucrat, he was an individual. I prefer that. Most liberals do not. That’s because they’re part of the Blob, and without exaggeration- they do not have a “true self”. They are other people, and they are clones of the so-called elites. They do not have a true self.

Trump didn’t have a true self in certain ways either. Again, that was just the best the goyim could offer at the time.

I want to emphasize though that it’s misleading to instantly think of Mexicans when you hear about the controversy that is immigration. Don’t you immediately conceptualize a Latino when you hear “immigration”? That’s not the highest awareness you can have. Immigration is about fleeing the gas chambers after acting like a total piece of shit and deserving to be thrown in there. It’s not dirty brown farmers in sombreros. It’s ZOG IN OLD EUROPE.

This is what the half-German Trump was indirectly speaking of. This is a fact. You can choose to understand the last handful of years of politics or not–it’s a fact. I doubt a boomer had this sophistication of awareness- he just had the kernel of it.

The treatment of minorities in the contemporary US all goes back to the behavior of the Jews in the Pale and in central and NW Europe.

They “control the means of production” – Lincoln is subordinate to them. As we saw recently with Whoopi Goldberg, even blacks catch flak for questioning why Jews are the anointed ones.

So, the question of questions is what was going on in the Pale, central and NW Europe in the 20th century? Kikes being kikes perhaps?

The Worldview in the US revolves around the “”fact”” that they shouldn’t have been kicked out of those places. Really? Who reading this even knew about the “Pale of Settlement” before learning about it from me? How about their time in Great Britain, how about their time in Romania? Their behavior in these places is a mystery to most people. The jew-owned media, if they ever deign to touch upon it, paints them as saints, naturally. This is far from the case. It goes back to the earliest civilization, Sumer. They keep doing the same thing. And the chances are, YOU are the victim of their trickery, once again, like a stupid goy.

This is my ode to Trump. He revealed these things, probably without fully intending to do so.

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