Corbin’s name appears 449 times in this 2017 book

It is no exaggeration to state that nearly all Iranian scholars and intellectuals with diverse perspectives praise Corbin. Widely regarded as the “master” Iranophile scholar, one is hard pressed to find any critical examination of his works.

I hyperlink it because there’s not much secondary scholarship on this “master”. This book is technically on the “Heidegger of Iran” who was a colleague of Corbin’s.

The “master of the Free World” has to be significant, no? It’s interesting that even the Iranians agree about his prowess.

Corbin can arguably be lumped in with the “Conservative Revolutionaries” like Spengler- (he’s just lesser known because of all the propaganda against Islam). And somewhat paradoxically he’s simultaneously more transgressive than Bataille. Further, do you remember the quintessential antisemitic Frenchman Drumont? Corbin is arguably more radical in his conclusions than him, if indirectly.

Here’s a recent essay on the political implications of Corbin’s thought

Yup, that’s my intention, thanks.

Like I showed before, most scholarship on him has a hostile, antagonistic quality.

If Iran is the devil, he is the prime devil’s advocate.

“Bitcoin” already won somewhere

Does anyone besides me feel this?

According to [Corbin’s] phenomenological approach, a living tradition requires “sympathy carried to the point of identification”

The black turban signifies that one is a descendant of Muhammad by the way. Khomeini was a blood-aristocrat. It’s sort of like the Hakka of China.

I consciously scare away all the right people with my sympathy and identification with Shi’ism. Especially women. If it makes you uneasy there’s a good chance you’re a slut (who lowkey probably hates herself). And that’s a good reason to hate someone if they already hate themselves. As for the men, if it makes you uneasy there’s a good chance you’re a relativist. “Live and let live, mannn” okay stinky hippie idiot.

Anyway, a substantial amount of Corbin’s anti-western/anti-modern sentiment is implicit so you should keep the following in mind when you read him

This hierarchy of Orient and light, which stands in sharp opposition to the darkness of the Occident, shapes the overall topography of Corbin’s thought and work.

“If you like it so much why aren’t you there?” Because if you’re an American you always have to be in the presence of a tour guide (which is probably their version of a fed). I have to find some type of connection there, and it’s not easy. How much of a “suspicious person” would I look like if I had a library of Lurianic Kabbalah?

Wut, wut is this

[Gilbert] Durand’s work could be construed as a right-wing political version of Corbin’s project.

Remember that Corbin hid his conversion from the faculty and students of the Sorbonne. He was secretive about politics, so it takes others to tease it out.

For mixed bag weirdos, this scholar cites Christian Jambet’s The Logic of the Orientals as a left-wing interpretation of Corbin.

They beat ZOG because of a better-developed mental faculty which we can strive to hone ourselves

Politics is about the spiritual, the spiritual under-girds the political.

Ohhhhh I didn’t know he was specifically silent about this

His sheikh was Suhrawardi, the founder of Illuminationism – and you can see the word “illuminati” in that if you choose to.

Silence on anti-Semitism, AKA didn’t give the Wailing Wall sloppy cunnilingus like Verne Troyer.

I just see Corbin as a hyper-hermetic Evola at this point. You ponder many entries on Evola’s bibliography and can’t help but think “How irrelevant” – his book on Taoism for instance? “Who care”. Commie chinks are a dead option. The putz didn’t write a standalone book on Shi’ism – a man of his time I suppose.

If you want to hear a “coincidence” that might take you aback, it was a Shi’ist order that Sabbatai pretended to convert to (Bektashism). IF ONLY Jewry authentically embraced that path instead of descending further into debauchery with Frankism.

Hmm I didn’t know Corbin had such a strong influence on the Iranian Revolution

his Oriental scheme paved the way for various ideologies based on the rejection of the modern West and the praise of an idealized esoteric East.

Remember he was the first French translator of Heidegger and he arguably died a Heideggerian (albeit an “exotic” one). Heh I know none of this will ever be palatable to most no matter how I frame it.

Another avenue to pursue- the lectures of the one known as “the Heidegger of Iran”

It should be noted that, despite this influence, Fardid was not mentioning the name of Corbin in a positive tone. After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, he frequently insulted Corbin in his lectures.

Just gathering resources for understanding the Free World.

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