Gotta know more about that Durand now

There are over 50 research centers on the “imaginal” worldwide today.

Corbin was a phenomenologist, Durand was an anthropologist.

It seems like crypto-Shi’ism of the non-Iranian world

Ever heard of James Hillman? He’s one of the better known Corbinians, though you probably didn’t know he was a Corbinian. He’s a psychologist- the theory of the imaginal has been appropriated by various disciplines.

Whoa, pointed question here

The stereotype that Sufism is New Age Rumi is a real thought-killer, and it took traversing a labyrinth to get around it.

Wow, an overwhelming ton of essays here. Bookmarked.

So, the blindness about the imaginal in the west goes hand in hand with the low status of poetry here. If you’re a fan of poetry you’d probably be more receptive to Shi’ism than most. Corbin actually influenced lots of poets too.

Ahhh where to even begin with this page??

I remember when I was young and dumb reading Hesse’s Siddhartha and thinking “This is the exemplification of the East!” Nah. Not in terms of Realpolitik anyway. And what else besides Realpolitik matters, tell me. Recall what I take to be the core of Straussianism if you want some explanation of this.

Okay I’m getting sidetracked. This is what I see on the Farsinet for Gilbert Durand

Nothing to worry about, because she was a spy

American women would 10/10 times prefer to go there as a spy than with me as a friend of Iran, unfortunately. I guess that’s just destiny.

That mischling who wants me to impregnate her was probably MKUltra’d into trying to seduce me

Anyway, there are a few generations of Corbin’s students I didn’t even know about until today

Yesss Durand expands on Corbin’s thesis that the imaginal faculty outlined by Avicenna was discarded by the west in the 1200s

the first task of anthropological hermeneutics to study everything that was disregarded by official academic thought

Who wants to stop at Cromwell? I certainly don’t. It goes back farther.

I expect to die a typical westerner more or less – there’s only so much one can learn and unlearn

You’ve probably heard of/studied this concept before. Through a Shi’ist lens though? Those Shi’ists have a spine–and an integrity–that is unrivaled in the world, and it’s because of their “myths” and how they interpret them.

Yeah I’d say so if I’m just hearing about him now after researching Corbin so much

Durand’s work is indeed a work on the fringe because having the merit of having begun to bring out a synthetic point of view on the imaginary, Durand is, as a result, a maverick and therefore on the fringe of the University.

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