Only one book of Durand’s is in English, and I found this dissertation on him which is pretty good so far if you want to follow this thread “on the theory of imagination”.

It does boggle the mind why someone like me is hated so much. They must see me as some kind of vessel of a dæmon or something. And I concede that is possible, because occultism and shamanism for instance are not merely intellectual interests of mine – I’ve practiced them. And you need to be receptive to non-standard theories of imagination in order to do that. The “loa” of the voodooists for instance is something I have direct experience of. I don’t know what voodoo dolls are, I know what the LOA are though.

If you have a purely empirical framework you will not be able to invite them. And by the way- the loa are not ones I’d invite.

It’s possible to invite more wholesome occultic frequencies (and in some cases, entities). And I consider the Imams to be this.

It’s all “part of the imagination” to consider the egregore to be a partzuf, right? wink wink

“JESSE! Egregore is a partzuf, what?”

I’m so far away from consensus reality I might as well just say something I try to inhibit myself from saying because it looks bad- superstitious people wanting kids to stay away from “playing” with Quija boards – there might be something to that.

I’m just totally discredited for saying that now, I know. Well, at least 1/3rd of Lovecraft is nonfiction.

A kid shouldn’t play with a Quija board, and Jews shouldn’t have been tampering with mysticism. Whether you’re a stupid kid or a desperate subspecies, it amounts to the same results- you’re conjuring something that is at best amoral.

Do they do it now? Probably not. It’s just their blood.

That freemason grandpa of mine who died before I was born? I don’t know what’s going on with that. Whatever it is, kabbalah, sufism, occultism, voodoo, are a natural language to me. And I can detect evil elements in some of them. Like the demon took control.

I almost wanted to say that it’s possible to think about it without any theological language at all, and on second thought I believe this is false. What a demon is is something that takes you further away from God.

“Races” are collectives that are defined by being further or closer to God.

Despite their unequivocally demonic qualities I do find the Sufis to be closer than most.

A “nigger” is a demon that is far from God. They got that way because of their practices of relating to God.

“Why are the Euros so prone to going along with the Jew demons?” Good question, that’s why I want to exit to Iran.

I’m not a vulgar racist. I look for souls rather than skin-color. A somewhat brown Spaniard woman from a line of professors and priests – yeah, I’d go for that. The Aryans have a similar problem with the Jews in being “degenerated aristocrats”. It’s only a surface-game- on the inside it’s rotten.

“You talk about voodoo and Quija boards – there’s no need to listen to anything you say!” – I think of you as a tire with no tread on it. You’ll be sliding into a ditch, you probably already are there. That’s what the occult (and etc.) is, whether you have tread.

The egregore is a partzuf and you bow down to it even when you know it is a wizard of oz. Only a subhuman does that.

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