How does this happen so quietly?

Needless to say, $4.5 trillion is over 5x more than the $700 billion laid down in 2008.

This is 2019 that the Fed started printing this “pocket change”. It was 2019 BEFORE the coronavirus, on September 17th. The first case of COVID in China occurred on November 17th. 4.5 trillion went to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Citigroup. During the so-called “crisis” of 2008 some of the same banks received only 700 billion. Something not adding up here?

I’m still on the modernist poetry kick from yesterday, and I’m now discovering that William Carlos Williams wrote scathingly about banks in a similar way to Pound. They were both Jeffersonians. You know the guy on the nickel? Our founding fathers provide plenty of resources for doing away with this perhaps number 1 national scourge. And I think we should follow Pound’s advice to “make it new”.

Errrr maybe we shouldn’t take his advice ahahaha

I google “movies about bankers” and this is the first result, which is hilariously ideological. I need to watch that, just the wiki alone contains layers and layers of subtle manipulation. “It’s racist that black people aren’t given the equality to be debt-slaves.”

And then you might instantly think of The Wolf of Wall Street. That has the effect of glamorizing rather than criticizing that world. While I hate to sound like Zizek, it’s transparently “pure ideology”. It would be so easy to make probably the best film ever if anyone was actually bold enough to attack the powers-that-be.

Getting technical for a second, I find it helpful to fluctuate between Year and Recently Added on z-library. Different studies turn up when you do that. Such is how I found this Pound/Williams one.

Printing 4.5 trillion dollars and giving it to banks has zero concrete effects on culture, right?

Pound was thee hero of America in the 20th century. Even if they smear him in secondary literature it’s still better material than most simply because he is the subject matter.

Ehhh Ford IS up there – people forget about that one infamous book of his though

“What about Elvis?” What ABOUT Elvis? People have low standards for heroes. Scrolling through 100 candidates for this and each one makes me think Nice breeze in a suit you got there.

This boils it down pretty well

Remember he begins the Cantos with allusions to Homer. International banking is the “Troy” of his creation. Or if you want to go later into the journey the shekelmonkeys are the suitors, or the cyclops. Given the androgyny of jews one might even call them the Circe or Calypso of the Cantos.

“That’s no hero of MINE!” Proclaims the bought-bot.

By the way–I don’t know if I have to remind you–this casual shitpost tells you more truth than 99% of the Pound scholarship out there. Scholars are pretty much by their nature bought-bots.

However, one does sometimes wonder the extent to which they utilize ketman (because it’s difficult to read Pound and not be CHANGED). This is a movement that he and Williams were members of in the 30s.

“Fire this sneaky goy!!”

Why did the cowards and the envious have to ruin “the critique of industrial capitalism” anyway? Because they ruin everything, that’s why.

I’ve said before that I hate this subject- I’d rather be studying how Dante influenced Pound. I try to be a responsible citizen though, so I always gravitate back to this.

This scholar is surprising me

I want to argue that Pound’s anti-Semitism is largely consistent with American Populist prejudices–prejudices that defined the land itself as the source of cultural value and the source of identity

Sort of like I said yesterday, the modernist poets seem to me to be closer to the “Goldilocks Zone” than today’s zeitgeist if porridge was general sanity.

Yeah Brady is awesome, the Brady BUNCH is awesome, and it could only be a toxic slimeball who would say that in the context of the rest of this site. I might as well be the Mucinex Man.

This is making me laugh so much – it’s in reference to 19th century “prejudices”

the nebulous (but nevertheless dangerous) Populist hatred of “eastern Jews,” “operators,” and “Wall St. swindlers.”

Consider Pound in light of what I said about how poetry enthusiasts are probably more receptive to Shi’ism than most. Poets are just more human. Whoops that slipped out. They’re more sensitive, have access to a broader range of experience. Figuratively speaking, if something small fell into the grass, like an emerald, their sharper vision would find it faster.

In terms of rangordnung, you really can’t beat art that incorporates both politics and economics, so this study is exceptional

This is wayyy better optics than I have, that’s for sure

both Williams and Pound were engaged in an effort to rewrite American history from a Jeffersonian perspective

Who are we trying to kid though? No study, no art, is going to do much. We need an armed revolt. Then the next question to ask is How do you lead up to that point? Studies, art, propaganda. An Antiversity, a constellation of Antiversities. Crypto-currency sent to people who are both creative and dangerous. Brave women who challenge the status quo. A quarry over-brimming with severed heads.

Here is an incisive statement from Williams on Morgan

if he could have seen the field of art with the radical eye with which, perhaps, he saw the field of finance the result would have been to place America in an advanced position in the start superior to any

I do my best to explain the Rothschild and Rockefeller equivalents of the philosophy world. Like I’ve said, Plato was ignorant to not have written a dialogue that promoted banking. (Because if the ones attuned to the Good don’t do it someone else will.) On some planets he probably did, and they’re probably in a lot better shape than ours.

Hamiltonianism–the philosophy of the creditor–has prevailed – should it continue to?

Jeffersonians believe that a clique of bankers fixes prices, manipulating the value of money by controlling the amount of money in circulation.

4.5 TRILLION was “created” in 2019 and you probably just learned of it from me.

I don’t know if this scholar is even aware of how revealing he is being here

Who alive today is continuing that war in a genuine sense? Not many. They’re loyal subjects of “”London”” once again.

This is a top-notch study– it continues to astound me

This scholar is a crypto-aristo.

“How dare you make such an observation in our democratic society.” Don’t you want to know who those people ARE?

Pound can attract some good people.

Can YOU spot the emerald that fell into the grass?

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