I thought it was only the Bronte sisters that were like this

This is the first footnote in a feminist study on Homer. I was reflecting on how elusive the recognition is that the main subject of Homer is women. It’s not immediately obvious for some reason.

“Don’t gaslight me into believing those epics are about anything besides Achilles, Odysseus, and Zeus!”

I bet some see themselves in this picture

This is totally Donna Zuckerberg, and many others.

I just want to point out some hypocrisy. You can’t hate the Shi’ists if you don’t even have a proper education yourself.

As you can see from the footnote above, the best women in history studied the Greeks.

I can wear a turban and a toga at the same time thank you very much.

Anyway this is a curiosity I’ve expressed before- I do want to know how women interpret Homer’s epics, because they’re a couple of my favorite writings of all time, and THEY are arguably the main subject in them.

I love how much I infuriate women. Am I the ONLY one who doesn’t take their crap? No, because the Shi’ists don’t either.

I wonder what this is a symptom of

Vanda Zajko has pointed out that, while the modernists in general look to the Odyssey for their Homer, female modernists such as H.D. and Laura Riding appear to have by preference looked to the Iliad.

While my personal temperament leads me to prefer the Odyssey, I can see why women might prefer the Iliad. It’s Helen vs. Penelope. Modern women probably prefer men to kill for them rather than to sit obediently at a loom. Helen is of course a whore too, and Penelope is chaste – and we know which one they prefer there. This is just the surface. Hopefully this study gets into more convoluted matters.

I’m far from denying it’s possible to critique Homer- what do you think Plato is about? Odysseus staying on Calypso’s island for seven years is definitely the “grugbrain” of Homer manifesting itself. If the west didn’t replace Homer with the Bible I doubt we would’ve gotten very far. Lots of grugbrain going on there, and at the same time lots of timelessness.

This is just the stereotypical millennial woman

Carol Ann Duffy’s self-contained and confident Penelope, who has no need for the return of her husband

Homer’s Penelope does not represent the status quo of today. Despite that I think there’s both a Helen and a Penelope in most women. And the establishment reinforces one and not the other.

Whether you draw feminist conclusions or not, it’s important to meditate on these epics yourself. Again, the best women in history did, so I don’t need to justify it beyond that.

Oh man, there’s so much unconscious vice in this study. What else is new with feminist theorists. If Homer is in the hands of a Helen you can only expect her to give you an account of half of the human experience. And it would be an understatement to call the attitude of a stereotypical feminist “cliche”.

Have I even said anything that “hurtful” here? And yet, smirkers like me are banned from society.

Here is a juicy secret about our Gynocracy

Christa Wolf ’s reference to Achilles as ‘Achill, das Vieh’ (Achilles, the beast) in her novel Kassandra encapsulates the lack of humanity Wolf associates with masculinity and warfare.

Women have designated men, collectively, as “niggers”, and the men have accepted it! It’s a dark secret!

If I had to choose between accepting that or going back to wife-beating guess which one I’d pick?

Women are from Saturn, men are from the Sun – it’s a bitter fact to accept.

That “Iranian Heidegger” from yesterday links up Jews, women, the ego, and Satan. Who would sympathize with that? Definitely not me.

Replace Brady with a black woman, see how the game goes.

“I can see Serena Williams throwin touchdowns.” Yeah your natural language is deception, so you WOULD say that.

Ooo I forgot about my old posts on Auerbach. Those are definitely relevant in this Homer context.

Guess who doesn’t speak in the language of deception? That’s me, so you better be listening carefully.

I don’t think is sacred anymore – it’s like we’re living in a polyamorous hellworld or something

Unlike Calypso, Circe does not get to voice her feelings about Odysseus—we see her cheerfully weaving and singing, and offering sexual and other favours, but we know nothing about how she feels about her role as ‘the other woman’—or about her ability to turn men into swine… Atwood’s ‘Circe/Mud Poems’ complicate and question Circe’s otherness, and thus destabilize the priority given to Penelope’s role as ‘the one’ in the Odyssey.

Sounds like a pretty meaningless existence if you ask me.

It’s quite amazing that a 3000 year old text can speak directly to the modern day, no?

And I futilely address this interpretation to Weimar, I know.

Weimar rubs off on me, honestly. I guess grugbrain is just what you want. That’s what Helens do indirectly invite.

Total dissolution, and we’re probably only at the beginning. And a grug and a slut can only reproduce into an even more fallen abomination.

Why couldn’t I have been born Chinese? They have such excitement for the future there. That’s just delusional thinking to be excited for the future of the US.

Hilda Doolittle’s revision of the Odyssey is entertaining

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