How many people have went ahead and begun studying the Zohar and Luria? You’re stupid if you haven’t

intuitions of the British psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion, which are discussed in relation to the second appearance of the kings of Edom in the Idra, are illuminating as we try to understand this dense myth.

It IS sad that Adolf-admirers tend to be memers who don’t care to get a more nuanced understanding. And then the ultra-pathetic liberals WANT to live in ignorance of these things altogether. International capital might as well be the God of the latter. They trust the plan, they defend the plan without understanding the plan – I call that ultra-pathetic. Am I the only one who realizes that most westerners are freelance Mossad agents? It’s not like the head of intelligence keeps information from you – you theoretically could find out why you’re sent on your “missions” and you just lack the curiosity. You just follow orders like a nigger in a field. Wow, I piss on you. Did you ever wonder if upon learning more about the plan you maybe might not want to be a freelance Mossad agent anymore? That doesn’t matter to you, it’s a leap of faith into the abyss with nothing left behind on the ledge.

It must be some kind of obsolete, neurological, evolutionary mechanism that gives me unfounded hope enough to speak at all about any of this. You might as well be in a room in Israel at Mossad HQ watching me address you on a big screen with a smile on your face. Once you know the ins and outs of golem psychology this isn’t an exaggeration.

Why do people play this game? Don’t they know you can play it in real life?

Can you make a video game like this that tries to stop the Jews in each of the civilizations? With a happy ending perhaps?

It’s funny to think they can’t make an academic subdiscipline out of this because it would threaten the rest of the disciplines. Maybe besides physics and math.. though Bjerknes has some interesting ideas about those too.

That’s the meaning of the Theological-Political–not even math is safe from it. It’s like the Eye of Sauron except it’s a panopticon that watches the world itself. It gazes upon the Iranians too (while deadening their souls), which is pretty messed up. “What’s so messed up about that? I’m going to defend it as a loyal freelance Mossad agent!”

So getting back to the Idra, the beard is an epistemological symbol. The face is the truth, and the beard needs to hide the face. If you think you know the JQ and you haven’t studied Kabbalah then it’s only the beard that you know.

What some of us see as the Kali Yuga or Weimar, they see as the Age of the Moshiach, and this is when the beard if shaved to reveal the face of decadence. They’ve had to hide less and less since the 1960s.

The writings of Luzzatto and the Gaon on the Idra have not been translated so I’m necessarily a novice about the face too. What really lurks there? What horrors await us in 2122? What you see today I very much expect to still be the beard. The “helmsmen” of the Kali Yuga likely have more radical projects in store. The lib-golems are going “Radical! Yes! I love radical!” Yeah what’s radical is the quiet despair a jungle-dweller lives in. I mean, is Detroit a “jungle”? It looks more and more like one every year.

Here’s the white population there over time

Radically making a run for it.

Want to hear a gross thought? Even mulattoes will eventually be seen as too supremacist. Only the 3/4 browns will be “pure mud” enough. Hopefully the Jews are doing that in China at that point.

Don’t you see a half-Latino version of me as a tragedy?

It’s pretty simple to understand- Jews print money and loan it at zero to little interest to fellow Jews, and loan it at mid to high interest to non-Jews. You are downstream from that. It’s naive to think that a practice that has been going on for thousands of years suddenly stopped “cuz it’s da 21st century now!” If you don’t think the above is a tragedy it’s because you are their trained pet.

“No one will judge us for being different!” I don’t think “different” is the word I’d use.

When studying Kabbalah I DO frequently think of the word “creepy” for whatever reason

Rabbi ShimĘżon and the Companions invoke this aspect of the Godhead through their living account of the formation of his face. Only after this configuration is it possible for this manifestation of the Divine to have intentionality. This face, with its ability to face, thus inaugurates the creation and configuration of all dimensions of reality that exist outside of it.

A multi-trillion dollar face turns to face you – what do you do?

What if it were always facing you, always watching you, since you were a child?

Guess what? When I talk to you I’m not that face. Probably would hate something that faced you that wasn’t the face that faced you since you were a toddler.

I think of that show Rugrats which premiered about a month before I was born. Yup, totally Jewed.

“We’ll get you in! We owe it to each otha afta they made us into SOAP!”

My point is that ANY ideology could theoretically be in place today if it had the backing of the banks and capital. It’s arbitrary that theirs is the one. I’m not listening to your pitiful exile-derived beliefs just because you happen to be the best swindlers in the planet. KIKE!

The freelance Mossad agents are all kiked. It’s really obvious to anyone who is outside looking in. And a kike arguably is worse than a nigger because they have the intelligence to be able to reflect on their actions. So that’s where you freelance Mossad agents are at- less than a nigger.

“I feel like a Jew in my own way, that’s why I support their cause.” Yeah and that’s why I hate your guts. This is the sane way to look at the world. You identify as someone who deserved to be annihilated – how am I supposed to evaluate such a person? Should I think that their beliefs are good based on that…?

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