“We wish shitposts upon you!” Yeah that’s because they monitor “”crypro”” sent to truth-tellers.

“We will make sure we fund everything against you.”

I like the Brady Bunch. That is one rare show I see as expressing “Being”.

I’m not the only one who would be happier in life with the essential Brady Bunch idea.

It’s not some kind of “trope” to blame the Jews- they’re simply the ones who hate white people being happy.

“I will convince myself my people were in the right to be exiled over a hundred times.”

Sure, nigger.

Write a PDF to convince me of that. You’ve only convinced me I am right that you are a nigger in a suit.

Let’s just go back to the beginning if you wouldn’t mind. It’s the humble question of “What is God?”

When one begins to ask that question, outside of bribery, “antisemitism” is a natural response. And the decision is to ban it.

I simply want the love of my life to stand by my side. And we live in such a world of delusion that isn’t possible. They prefer to sacrifice people who tell the truth.

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