When I isolated Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Confucius the other day I was speaking in terms of brute power. It’s essential to know that these are the mere bases of four rabble civilizations. You might be able to think of them as hills that windmills can rest upon.

Here’s a perplexing example to use

Let’s just say it’s not Confucians in Madagascar.

This is what I mean by the “base” the rabble needs in order for something more elevated to ever emerge.

If you are serious about inaugurating a civilization that is a New Advancement in politics, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Confucius are only the beginning. Most people, being Sabbateans, can’t even acknowledge that, let alone the next step.

And that is, “of course”, the Mysteries of Socratism.

If you have to cope about any of the four founders of the main civilizations on earth today then you’re definitely going to have to cope about Socrates.

He AND HIS PUPILS, across the centuries, are that windmill on the hill.

Keep in mind- the globe would be close to chaos without those four. It’s mostly Moses and Jesus–and mostly Jesus–that has led to the first-world. The Confucians have a talent for mimicry, and the Muhammadens are unshakably old-school enough to see where the Mosesbloods’ and Jesusbloods’ teloses have gone astray.

Socratism will get you in trouble in all of these four civilizations. If you see someone praising Socrates and they aren’t disappeared from society after a week, they aren’t really praising Socrates, they’re probably actually a Moses-Socrates or Jesus-Socrates hybrid. On social media for instance I’ve pretty much stopped even trying to find worthwhile people because the best accounts are always “removed” after a week or so of me finding them. There was no “sublime digital revolution” – what you see on the internet is 99.999% non-Socratics.

This isn’t just frivolous talk- I’m trying to tell you what is necessary if you want a “New Rome” or New Byzantine”, in an optimal sense. It IS the Mysteries of Socratism that must be acknowledged.

Let’s just do one of those thought-experiments. Can you acknowledge the value of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Confucius without making excuses at all? What are their virtues? Say those before detailing their vices.

Once that process is through (which is impossible for most), the next challenge is Socrates.

Most of you pathetic saps probably haven’t even bothered to study Lurianic Kabbalah yet… pahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaha That’s like the Olympian pantheon that Socrates criticized, except of TODAY’S world.

Do you truly hold it against me when I call Americans niggers? The word for that in Ancient Greece was approximately “demos”.

So many utopians out there these days and they can’t even acknowledge the basics of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Confucius. That’s one level of demos. The next level is the demos that can’t accept how Socrates is applicable to the modern world. You WILL NOT create a “better world” without acknowledging these five, and the one above the other four, in particular.

You’re not a real person. You surround yourself with other fake people so you forget about that. It’s obvious when you know the mysteries of Socrates.

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