The people who visit this place clearly like to see the unfiltered truth, so

“Let me stop you right there!” And yet you want to know what that is…

You’ve only scapegoated people like me for years, you don’t deserve that.

The truth is you’re part of a “nigger majority”.

This is what happens when unthinking animals reproduce, they create things that resemble and talk like people which are not really “people”.

Should you wear a “badge” on your shirt? I think so.

“Here is how I admit I’m part of the niggers of the world that has ‘votes’ in a CULTURAL democracy.”

You never will admit any of this. A nigger can never admit it’s a nigger.

Does monkey get frustrated when I speak to it like this?

The alternative is flattering monkeys. “That’s me!” And that’s another type of nigger.

Note that the Security State, surveillance, CIA, etc. is so watchful of everyone’s personal lives that I’ve been suffering from aloneness. If you challenge the niggerkikes this is your destiny- take note, zoomers. When they watch everything, that itself is one of the main things to attack, the surveillance state.

The last “friends” of mine were from so many years ago. Not too happy about my remarks pertaining to the Jews and blacks (what’s the difference?) they are probably in some corporate office now if I had to guess. “We made it! We’re cogs in jewworld and we never discriminate against any type of nigger.”

Say something against this within your own home, and who knows, there might be someone recording you. That’s the world we live in.

“I have nothing to worry about because I’m one of the niggers!” Yeah… that’s the zeitgeist without any subterfuge. The truth is you’re a nigger that uses subterfuge to pretend you aren’t a nigger.

Look at the monkey that wants me to see itself equal to me! You will need incredible levels of deception for that, and our trillion-backed state-religion gives them that.

You’re living in a globe-level scam, and you can choose to.. not be.. part of it..? I know this is an impossible notion for most.

All I care about in life is love, and if you’re part of the scam you’re unlovable.

“Let’s make up a scam so the money keeps moving toward us on a conveyor-belt.” – Yeah, the most important thing in the world–love–isn’t something you deserve if you sold your soul.

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