Found an oddball art critic. I just look around for mavericks and he has some of the signs, at first glance. Read some of his book descriptions here. He has one on something he refers to as “Structural Misanthropology”, okay you have my attention. Then, he writes extensively on Dutch Golden Age painting, AND Plato and Roger. Died less than a year ago at a ripe old age, never heard of him. I’m so sick of the swine known as Harold Bloom you can’t even imagine. It’s a cruel zog-joke that he’s the “face” of art criticism generally. Search for a classic and there he is to tell you about it. There might be a (((design))) to this. He’s a pig that’s full of insights, that’s how I’d describe him.

These “living geniuses” I talk about sometimes, like Badiou and Laruelle, are bores to me. If some random person like me can read them like a book you know that we’re living in a sad culture. I’m looking for something new.

Just a dozen or so pages into this first Berger book I’m looking at you can kind of catch the drift that he’d think MENSA is for morons.

IQ is like the folk religion of estimating someone’s value. And the left can’t even handle the folk religion. There are far more icier ways of estimating someone’s value.

You could say I’ve been isolating a type of “Law” about culture here. Harry Berger seems like someone you’ve never heard of because he does not deign to address himself to the demos. Is Berger a Jew name by the way? I can tell after only two pages he’s smarter than someone like Wolfson – and I say that because Berger is older than Derrida, and Derrida can be detected in his writing.

Maybe you think I namedrop too much- no, “Western Imamology” is important to understand. Nietzscheans know postmodernists better than postmodernists know themselves. That’s because they’re downstream from when the “Angel’s light” immanentized on earth. I don’t care if people laugh at me for saying that, I just have good taste.

Certain Neoplatonists probably look at me the same way. I see postmodernists as people who were born in Chernobyl or something. You’re a deformed circus-freak, and you should go hide somewhere so no one has to see you. You hail from the “charismatic figure” who ruined Nietzsche’s project. Heideggerians ponderously talk on and on about nothing too, it’s not just postmodernists. Controversial opinion- Heidegger is another psyop! I expect the same thing in my life unfortunately, for my children to be retards. If you’re a black sheep of your family what do you expect to reproduce? The chances are it’s going to be normies. Hence CRISPR, just throwin that out there for the first time. Ever see a paragraph like this in the neech-heid-pomo scholarship? No, they all lost contact with reality.

It IS something of a mystery to me, the rangordnung of the academy in relation to the other institutions of society. Because they do have the most brains (obviously) among all the rest, if you rule out “shekel brain”. The question is how much they actually influence those who are dumber than them. Don’t you think it’s odd that academics don’t write studies about this? Well you’ll only think that’s odd if you’re new here. They do not have self-examination, they examine other things. Without a study readily available, my intuition is they influence things enough that the academy needs to be dissolved and restructured immediately.

“They’re not going to do that, they’re like a corporation, they’re in it for the money and their own livelihood!” Here’s to idealism.

Whether you want to call it Restoration or Revolution, the brain is the first thing that needs to be targeted in the fallen society in question. Again, there are two main types of brain we can isolate- the ideological and the plutocratic.

Here’s a thought-experiment- are CNN CEOs reading “studies”? No, I bet their henchmen are though, or excuse me once again, henchpersons.

Hey anon, have you ever genocided the Jews on the plane of ideas?

Yeah, me neither.

I was thinking about the Brits earlier. It’s only people from Brit countries they follow around with feds in Iran. The Brits aren’t even the Brits- they’ve been ruled by foreigners–nearly uninterruptedly–since the year 1066. Close to 1000 years, the Saxons have been an “engineered people”. The Normans enslaved them and the kikes picked up where they left off. It was an easy people to manipulate after the Normans. And that is how we got America.

I’m going to have to go against the grain and say the Persians must have access to an authentic Angel.

Avicenna died in the year 1037. I encourage you to google him in Persian, Arabic, and French, specifically. Many believe he is the foundation of Iranian identity. There were no “Avicennists” in the middle ages of Europe, only Averroists, the latter of which aligning with the typical western follies. A thousand years ago, there was a fracture on the “civilization continent”. And if you are a poetry-appreciator it’s a sign you’re an “atavism” that has survived a thousand years later.

If you have imagination, it’s a sign. The (((anglos))) are not a fan of imagination.

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