Found a super interesting study on Avicenna and what was decided to be translated as “allegory”

a certain strain of muthos, Plato’s “likely story,” narrative representations of aspects of the cosmos and the place of humans in it.

This is not an “idle curiosity”, I am actively trying to pick the western shackle lock.

In the Platonic framework, as is well-known, the sophist poets who create a muthos that is damaging to the polis are kicked out of the Just City. This doesn’t mean he didn’t believe in muthos as such (just think of his own Myth of Er, Myth of the Metals, etc.) – he believed muthos should be in the hands of wisdom-lovers, philosophers. Now, in our geopolitical situation, given Iran’s unparalleled defiance of the liberal globalists, it would appear to follow that it was philosophers who crafted their muthos!

It actually goes back to Alfarabi to explicitly judge Muhammad as a legitimate “Philosopher King”. With the Shi’ists of course there is a “dynasty” of imams that follow after him who can be perceived similarly.

And to a great extent, Muhammad and the imams are known via muthos. There’s a double-layer to it, they transmitted muthoi from an angel and they also are perceived in the popular Iranian imagination as being the stuff of muthos. And remember that muthos AKA myth is not a maligned concept to them like it is here. To them it’s truer than the empirical reality of the senses.

There’s a sort of fusion involved though. I saw this the other day and thought it was an apt way to put it

This is all in Alfarabi who Avicenna was a close reader of.

It’s conspicuously ironic that in the west Avicenna is primarily known as a physician, an encyclopedist of medicine.

Once you’re Corbinpilled it’s a different story

Notice the top left here

He was born about a decade after Khazaria was put to fire and sword.

The histories of arguably the two only sovereign powers of the world.

Let me tell you the standard historiography of Islamic philosophy that tends to be taught in the US. Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes are usually lumped together as “the same” more or less, while Alghazali is seen as their more theologically-inclined opponent who decisively puts an end to their thought in the MENA world up to the present day. I.e. Alghazali is taught to have, in around the year 1100, ended Islamic philosophy forever. The angle I find more intriguing is to not think of Alghazali at all and instead to focus on Avicenna and Averroes as opponents.

The Latin Scholastics, Maimonides, and Spinoza went with Averroes, whereas Avicenna was mostly forgotten

Meanwhile in the middle east Averroes was never popular. Avicenna and AvicennISTS, on the other hand, were.

So we have three basic types we’re juggling here- Alfarabi and Averroes the rationalists, Avicenna the poet, and Alghazali the theologian.

And Avicenna isn’t that easy to reduce in fact because he wrote both muthos and logos.

More specifically he wrote in a genre known as the “visionary recital”. Suhrawardi followed him in this tradition.

Keep in mind that my knowledge of all this is a reflection of my hatred for the US. If you don’t like it here either know that I’m trying to intellectually grasp an alternative. Sometimes you have to go back a thousand years to be able to do that.

Remember that the ever-demonized ~terrorist~ group Hezbollah is Shi’ist as well, I just don’t talk about Lebanon much because it’s not as stable a country as Iran. This is what they’re destabilizing- people with a poetic sensibility.

Centuries ago the logos eclipsed the muthos in the west. And if you ask people here about that today they’ll tend to tell you that was a good thing. Was it? The natural consequence is materialism and hedonism.

Do you find it amusing that someone who is pretty much the most racist person ever praises these Easterners so much? Well guess what- my racism against Europeans has led me here. Are you able to be that consistent? Doubtful. Let me know the essential difference between watching Jews be shamelessly schmoozed and watching a coon rob a gas station cash register. Both sights invite extreme racist perceptions.

Anyway I’ve always been one of those people who enjoyed “anti-philosophy philosophers” and these Islamic thinkers have a way of taking me further than writers in that “genre” I find in the west. My intention is to “go beyond” the Germans. And I actually feel that I have to some degree. And I’m just at the beginning.

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